Marvel cries over rivals success
Rangercore Wins again

We say there are no rights for kids that are born here from ‘immigrants‘–yet, we are ALL born here from something worse. Is it no longer murder because too much time has passed? Yes we took this land by force by violence by murder. Face reality we are ALL criminals Either by having committed the act ourselves or simply accepting it because time has gone by. Making us co-conspirators. Many comedians ask: “Is it too soon?” I ask: “Is it too late?” There is NO STATUE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER. Therefore it continues, to this day, to be a CRIME. We struggle in a country that hypes freedom yet the Supreme Court strips our voting rights and virtually dismantles affirmative action. All critical in protecting the rights of minorities–we have taken a 50 year step backwards & we have revealed a far more sinister yet connected fact: The State Department imparts that “there are more slaves now than at any another time in human history.” Surprise! Human bondage NEVER ended, not in this country, not anywhere.

Welcome to slavery 2.0

How many generations have to pass before you are NOT considered an illegal immigrant–is that your grandfather–your 2nd your fifth? This sounds like slippery slop to me–So how many generations of Mexicans have to be here in order to get a pass–you know–like the one you got–except your ancestors did it by violence murder and slavery–you did it by being grandfather in by violent criminals that go back to the founding father that wrote in our own constitution about the inhuman “savages”.

As ‘Americans‘, we must accept that we are still the criminal intruders. And as if to drive home the point—we disrespect natives by using THEIR “N” word to name white sports teams. Imagine the Washington “N’s” who would tolerate that? Are games so deeply rooted in our psyche that they serve as a dark reflection of who we REALLY are? We draw a false distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ immigrants, yet who are these laws made by? Illegal immigrants?–No, war mongers– those that came here by force of violence —all the while our descendants–engaged in whole sale slaughter.

Your ancestors are knees deep in innocent native blood. Men women and children, rapists and murders and thieves–not some simple desperate people CROSSING an imaginary border–stolen from others. They just want a JOB man. Don’t you?

We took their land from them for two reasons; 1) we believed they were less then us (we were # 1 and they were number 2-a sports designation is it not?) 2) we could–PERIOD. Therefore we are giving the voices back to those that are most vulnerable in our society.

Primarily Natives–where are they in TV, films, or comics–where is there national movement–who are their defenders–?–followed by other minorities and women–if you don’t like it–we don’t care. you have plenty of other mind numbing and soul killing garbage that will take your money–we NEVER will knowingly do so.

We will be audaciously taking on issues that everyone else fears. NO ONE DARES WHAT WE DARE.

And if that offends you–so what?

Sorry our pre-orders are already sold out. Look for the Earth shattering & game changing–BLIND OBEDIENCE on our website –if not, pray to your Zombie master.