People are missing it you trust vaccines but do you trust big Pharma and government?
You trust big Pharma and government and seem to have little problems with the testing and torturing of animals, trust big Pharma and government, I agree.

TO discriminate against gays is bad? To discriminate against my religious beliefs is ok–because I DON’T HATE GAYS?

WHAT??? The religious liberty law they have that got so much protest–where’s MY PROTEST? Where’s MY support?


And you think this is about health? Or is it about control?

EVEN if you 100% believe in vaccines do not support the suppression of others rights.

So its a win for you right? Pro needle people–this time–UNTIL they come after you so be careful.

Why not they care about you right?

Lets ignore the MANY whistle blowers from both CDC and big Pharma,or DOJ acknowledgement that autism can be linked to vaccines or cases in Europe, etc etc, or shedding or that Dr. Wakefiled was exonerated, let’s not think and react out of impulse and knee jerk reactions.
I trust Big Pharma and government don’t you? Aborted fetuses that they have in some vaccines are awesome, and how about the 34K adverse reactions reported to VARS or brain damaged or hundreds of death just from 90-94 alone, I say trust big Pharma and government- you can’t trust them anywhere else but they got vaccines right?
I agree.

These SUPER informed folks don’t even know Dr. Wakefiled was CLEARED!

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Let’s follow the pack and questions nothing, well not too seriously any ways.
Oh and those reports where with the FDA acknowledging that 90% of doctors refuse to report adverse reactions,that is important to ignore too.
Are we doing science or voodoo? How come doctors won’t report and we can’t make them?
Further, It is VERY difficult to even get the attention of VARS or submit paper work to them or for that matter GOA or file FIOA (Most are ignored though its against the law) I’ve done it, have you?


It’s like talking to a bunch of people that have never flown a plane how to do it.


I have read 1000’s of pages worth of research, done interviews with sales people, (two of which told me vaccines are largely propaganda) doctors etc–do I have all the answers?
No, but apparently, every pro needler, pro drug advocate does–I hail your intelligence and free thinking it’s a spectacle to behold.
Let’s surrender free will (no it’s not a guy in prison- -on the other hand–) and shop at McDonald’s and eat candy bars–and listen to the”news”on TV and watch ‘Two and Half Men’ and the ‘Big Bang’– yes let’s not think critically and ask what PROOF do we REALLY have?

My doctor told me they work so I took them, my neighbors said they work too because their neighbors told them. Do we read studies from anyone other than those with financially interests in it? ( I doubt MOST have read ANY pro or con) It is a 400 billion dollar industry (depending on who you believe) But can you trust WHO or THE CDC? Yeah you can, Hmm I did a study too, I am the smartest, sexists person on the planet. (now spread it amongst your friends)


Thank you for blessing me with all this sunshine and brilliance.
I was also asked to be a Corporate Disinformation Officer, I wonder how many of you even know what that is? Or even know they exist?

Before prattling on about how much you know ask yourself–what EXACTLY is your government clearance? Yeah, you Don’t need one to think–true–but be careful about what you think you know–and yes, unlike, my pro drug pusher counter parts, I TOTALLY include myself in that.
I STILL do not know if vaccines are EVER safe but I am convinced that many times they are VERY dangerous.

I have been a lifelong lover of vaccinations, till I started hanging out with the extremist drug pushers. And you realize what conspiracy theorist nut jobs they generally are. That EVERYONE that reports an adverse reactions is AGAINST them and a liar or sadly just mistaken. Simple mathematical odds would disprove of such a notion. But they are the sole possessors of light and knowledge and they are here to lead you into a MacDonalds where you can kill a cow your way and eat some fat soaked fries and get a pin from MacDonalds because you got a syringe full of poison.
You don’t trust the rapist simply because you believe in babysitting. IT MATTERS IF YOU TRUST THE PEOPLE MAKING THE VACCINES or not, it may just be the MOST important question to ask yourself.

You love vaccines great, my question is way more important do you trust who is making them and who is dispensing them?
Based on my experience, I have NOT once, me personally, EVER encountered a pro drug pusher that knew of ANY studies or read them THEMSELVES .And Everyone, to a person, has made a “No amount of science can ever convince me.” statement.
HOLYYY CRAP BATMAN!! ‘NO AMOUNT OF SCIENCE?’ What are you people in a cult?
I send them 1000’s of pages in studies and reports and I have NEVER had ONE of them read any of them, but they still debate, they still go on.

A good debater is not a good truth teller. Not the same skill set.

By they way I DO have a religious exception I hate cruelty to any living being (how can religion, any religion be for it?) and I am against them using aborted babies -and some insiders reveal it is STILL going on-don’t forget they are using it as flavoring now too– research, read–ALOT.



  • Vaccine development involves the use of aborted fetal tissue and some vaccines include “human diploid cells. Some individuals do not want to participate in an industry dependent upon the use of aborted babies. –see Aborted Fetal Cells in Vaccine


  • Vaccines are against many individuals moral and religious convictions. In addition to fetal tissue, some residents of California believe that God does not want their bodies or the bodies of their babies injected with neurotoxins, heavy metals, animal tissues, genetically modified organisms, live or attenuated viruses, cleansers, adjuvants, stabilizers, preservatives, etc. They believe that those substances compromise their immune systems and destroy their health. They believe that there is nothing in vaccines that improves their health. They believe that God designed their bodies to function perfectly well without injecting foreign and toxic substances directly into their blood supply.
  • And they believe that doing so violates the will the God. – see Religious Rights Violation
  • Pharmaceutical companies are NOT liable for vaccine reactions: The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) as a federal no-fault system to compensate persons (or families of persons) who are injured by childhood vaccines, has paid out over $2.8 billion to families whose children have died or suffered other adverse reactions. In the past 5 years, an average of $221,000,000 has been paid out per year, which has nearly tripled from years before. Recipients of compensation are not allowed to speak of their case after its been settled. Manufacturers and the doctors who administer vaccines are completely shielded from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths.
  • Adverse reactions are more common than widely perceived: Managed by the CDC and FDA, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports more than 30,000 vaccine related injuries annually. Since 2000, 142 Californians have suffered severe adverse reactions, resulting in 46 deaths of California citizens. Children under the age of 11 months suffered 52.82% of these adverse reactions. In that same time period, VAERS reported the deaths of 707 American citizensVaccines fail sometimes where even fully vaccinated people become infected.  Nobody can predict who will or will not respond to vaccines. – See Vaccine Failure
  • Big Pharma has a fraudulent history: In the past 5 years, drug makers have paid the U.S. Government $19.2 billion in criminal and civil fraud penalties. EVERY SINGLE MAKER of vaccines has pled guilty to FRAUD. Yet, we are expected to believe them when they say their product in which they pocket billions of dollar – is safe. Skepticism of the pharmaceutical industry is well deserved, and it doesn’t imply skepticism of science. Furthermore, two former Merck virologists now whistleblowers allege that Merck falsified data with the MMR II vaccine in order to meet the required 95% efficacy rate. This, along with other evidence, suggests the possibility that vaccine failure is a contributing factor for annual outbreaks. -see Vaccine Fraud
  • Even more vaccines will be added to the schedule: There is a clause (#11) in SB277 that leaves the door open to add as many new immunizations to the pediatric schedule as the California Department of Health deems necessary. There are hundreds of new vaccines in development including some of the following in clinical trials: HIV, herpes, E. coli, dengue fever, avian influenza, smallpox, tuberculosis, typhoid, norovirus, cholera, smoking cessation, syphilis, and gonorrhea. If vaccine manufactures and others who profit from forced vaccination convince legislators take away our right to delay or decline a vaccine now, what will our future look like?

– See more at:


These are the same people who wont list GMOS or that put cancer causing chemicals in your food–yeah this they got right though?
The shocking truth about what’s really in vaccines: Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum
A quote a member made from a web site.

“The CDC was informed of the vaccine-autism link in the year 2000, by scientists at the secret Simpsonwood meeting in Norcross, GA in 2000. The minutes of that meeting were obtained and showed that the data presented showed an irrefutable link, but that the consensus of people in the room (including vaccine makers) was to hide this fact from the public. Robert Kennedy Jr wrote about this in the Rolling Stone article called Deadly Immunity. More here: ”

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines – Movie – directed by Gary Null

To be a conspiracy theorist is nutty, to think that are no conspiracies is a sign of insanity.
Do YOU really trust big pharma and the government? Ask yourself that BEFORE you inject.