Harvey Levin--TMZ stand up for victims
Sex slaves treated inhumanely by Arizona Sherrif

TMZ’s February 5, 2015 session of hate mail sparked outrage within our circles –Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is a caveman with cave man thoughts and notions –cruelty to other humans does not work. If we did crime would have been eliminated long ago. So that uninformed, uneducated individual that wrote you that hate mail on shamming prostitutes is a lost soul in need of a Sheppard –I am certain he is my equal in a war of words–but lost in the world of what real happens to these girls–and let’s face it –that’s what most people are good at– running off at the mouth without any reasonable basis in fact.


We live in a world of punch lines, sound bite and slogans–and volume vs. substance.


Punishment- may give you some perverted sick sense of pleasure but as far as a solution it solves nothing, it changes nothing. To humiliate girls (are they not already living a life of total degradation already?)–not one eye blinked in a case of possible human trafficking and human slavery.


Do even know the definition of what we saw? I am not sure I do.


Everyone mistakenly see a women that does sex for money as whore and not as a human being–then, by extension, if you sleep with a ‘low life whore’ what are you?


To me, you are the garbage.


But then I have to take a breath and say to myself–no you cant throw human beings away–if you do that you are the pot calling the kettle black. Suffice to say–it is hard to think highly of you.


In, JOHANN HARI’S —-book “CHASING THE SCREAM” unquestionably comes to the conclusion that drug use is much more (if not all environmental and not an ‘addiction’ as many of us previously believed–yes even rich people can come up short in their environment if there are things but there is not love)


These girls–who are usually drug addicts are willing to do anything they need to do to get their next fix of–not of drugs (perhaps that too) but of love. It is often asked if love is the answer what is the question.


That’s simple; How do you solve Pain, loneliness and suffering? .


Addictions is NOT a moral failing but a disease. Get it right, even Neanderthals know that much. (did you get a good look at their sad and tragic mug shots –which one of them is NOT addicted to the disease of drugs? There was a pain there much deeper then one of getting “caught’.)


Most of these girls were victims of sexual or physical abuse growing up a huge majority went through our failed foster care system (which is a form of jail time in-it-of itself –yes I have spoken to many people that have gone through the system and social workers etc) Be honest–for Most people foster care sucks. It is not the panacea most people believe–its not an ending of abuse it is only a change of geography. An action that makes you feel like you are doing something. Much like jumping up and down elevates an earthquake—-but move beyond the anecdotal and dive into the numbers. Dive into the reality and not simply chew gum and rub your belly and tell the world you are busy.


Even our own DA Kamilia Harris says it is a broken system.


So for the sheriff and this uninformed reader that sent you hate mail about molested and once savaged children (now grown) is counter intuitive –these people need love, a home, opportunity and to feel worthy.


And what of human trafficking?–Why do we do punish the John’s or the pimps? (certainly there was not mention of John’s pictures or pimps pictures being posted in this case) Yes we arrest 10 year old girls as hooker and throw them in jail because while they are not old enough to consent to sex they are old enough to be prostitutes?


So if you pay a kid money–the penalty becomes little to nothing –wow the power of the all mighty dollar. Many of them are slaves that get paid nothing but drugs to keep their self esteem low and their personalities under control. Drug addiction is a disease –so now we want to punish the sick rather then get them medicine or medical treatment –is that it?


Or do we simply wish to perpetuate and make young girls available for sex while posturing that we are concerned?


As some point these kids become 11, 12, 13 and then 21 and its is hard to escape the life when you feel like you are nothing but low life trash. So yes–lets re-victimize them–awesome. No one has every helped them fix the train wreck that is their lives–we have simply allowed time to pass and allow them to go untreated.


Rehabilitation? Tell the truth we have no rehabilitation . We are like animals fulfilled by punishment and not solutions.


So go Sheriff Joe Arpaio keep posting pictures of prostitutes–how does it feel to serve the interests of pimps and human traffickers? How does it feel to assisting in keeping those girls feeling bad about their lives and sending them back into the hands of the predators?


I hate tuff talk that makes everyone FEEL good but does nothing to actually solve the problem.


“He’s a God send”? You sure you got the right place buddy? Every pimp in America agrees with you too. Ponder that point for a minute–if your not too busy rubbing your tummy chewing gum and telling the world how busy you are.