dont take it lying down
Stand up and fight

But all conservatives have to do is make a speech you like and you are on board, right? Conservatives spread their legs faster than any girl at any bar. If anyone in our culture is easy, it is them. They are so frightened, they so lack courage that everything terrifies them. I wonder how they get through, Halloween?

What ever happened to critical thinking? Oh yeah, they want to get that science, music and art crap out of school. They support the destruction of critical thinking. They are the original book burners. Baby dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark? WTF? Where does it specifically say that? God can create the world but not evolution whys is that? You want to believe in God awesome ( I believe in a higher power) Just stop making shit up just to cause conflict and to manipulate people to advance your political agenda.

To sleep with the devil is to become him. That’s exactly why they are glad that all of these military charities exists, it is not to help the military but a way to get them off their backs and to pass on the responsibility to someone else–again this is NOT love and this is NOT a slight against the organizations that ACCEPT responsibility while their own government turns their backs on our people. They are being manipulated–but, to be fair, what’s their choice?

We are Disgusting.

I know- back to-abortion- -just laying the fundamentals as nothing exists in a vacuum ——so these dirt bags have a pool to dip from— you need the right environment- -cut back education, make it too expensive to afford college (create massive debt and thereby massive INDENTURED SERVITUDE), break apart families (welfare to work programs anyone?), do not do much of anything to fight real crime–simply create an environment that people want to escape from and then offer these desperate people the key to ‘unlock’ their jail cell. (please do not tell me about eh 2 people you knew who escaped hell as millions or is that billions are left behind-such crap logic. I never raped anyone so therefore there is no rape?–freaking morons.)

Damn, they are clever. These master manipulators have their own mothers telling them to join the service just to get out of these horrible neighborhoods with no hope. Steal hope and you will create a crappy neighborhood where people feel they have no choices or any possibilities.

Genius… evil genius.

It is little surprise that crime took a precipitous dip when Rod Vs- Wade gave birth to a new found freedom. (By the way, pro-life is historically a godless socialist principal) If you study it at all, most women that get abortions are single, teenage girls with poor education and are already drowning in poverty (some folks will not understand the word MOST–but try-make some effort). They can’t afford another mouth to feed. Forcing them to have that kid in that very poor neighborhood with more of the same terrible education that got her in this situation in the first place. This seems the ripe environment to raise another angry, desperate kid that is either going to rob you, end up in a gang, dead or in prison -but of course-prison is not so bad for the conservative elite as they own stock in them.

Even FOX NEWS just cited a study that showed that children in single family households are much more inclined ( can we understand the term ‘much more inclined‘-or will that statement also be distorted?) to participate in anti-social behavior.

JACKPOT! Exactly what they want–but not what YOU want, right? Army or prison? Son, chose your poison. Please do not give the manipulative nonsense by claiming I am saying “all” or “every”. If you do, you are a liar and a conservative manipulator. So go ahead and out yourself..