Boyle Heights, CA, Feb 23, 2015:—You don’t like that we use minorities, & natives in our books?–Don’t read it–if you want to see half dressed women great, go away. We are not here to entertain misogynists or racists. And lets be honest the comic book world is filled with who use women for sex to sell books.

They pander to the common denominator–the lowest common denominator. Women are still being paid less than men for the same job and the implied truth is women are; worth less. For us the rights of women & minorities are of grave concern since it is prolific in our society. In no wide scale basis–are girls allowed to play with boys in organized sports.

This is ‘Janecrow’ at its most dastardly–it is as effective as it is damaging. We PRETEND it is a performance based system but where is the merit when you are AUTOMATICALLY excluding girls from playing with boys (or men with women) without even a try out?

What is the subconscious message when you segregate sports between the sexes? Is this the new separate but equal? We are telling society at large to stick it where the sun don’t shine–we do not bow down to your rules of racists, sexists indoctrination–no matter how systemic or endemic. I don’t care what is between your legs if you can pitch you can pitch if you can’t you don’t get in JUST because you are a man.

The sad realities is that this is a country of misogynist–and conservatives that hate their own mother‘s.

Family values? Where?

Women get paid 78 cents black women 64 cents Latin 54 cent. And the hatred starts in kindergarten.

If girls are forbidden from taking a swing of the bat or vote –how the heck are you going to trust them to work with you? One action reinforces the other and exclusion IS absolutely the goal. From an early age it is inbred in us. “WAUGH, I don’t want to play with girls they got cooties!” Jackie Robinson and the ‘mongrel race’ singled the “end of baseball as we know it.“ What’s the problem now? Are we concerned that the next great threat comes from the ‘vaginal race‘? Screw this hidden racism that we hang onto with fragile male egos. And sadly since women have been thought to be indoctrinated you have convinced many women that the misogynist men are right. Money is not the root of all evil; insecurity is. It is not greed that drives us to the brink of perpetual disasters, but this vile lack of self-confidence. More accurately vastly overblown egos. The hole (yeah I said HOLE) idea is that I am better then you. My prediction is that ‘Jane Robison’ will pose a far greater peril than Jackie ever did. So boys you better be practicing your best Michael Jackson crotch grabs because soon you will be making the “EHH HEE” sound for a whole different reason–it is the rise of the women. And we are getting behind it and pushing it as hard as we can-

I for one don’t hate my mother. What about you?

Worse we lie to our kids with crap fairy tales–I hate fairy tales–

Find your prince? Eat Sh^%!

Or tell little girls to wait for your prince as the bad news is- -he’s not coming, save yourself.

What the hell is a prince anyway?- -Most princess inherited a kingdom by being tyrants, of serf and lords, of the poor working to serve and appease the rich as they as theoretically selected by God to be superior.

They vanquish other nations by violence, rape and murder, they plunder and loot the land and this is what we want our little girls to marry into?

To marry human rights violators?

I tell little girls–if you see a prince–kill him–you are much better off marrying the dragon anyway (slaying dragons is animal abuse anyway–isn’t it?)

And if you don’t kill the prince, for crying out loud, call the police and have the butcher arrested.

The crap we teach girls AND BOYS!

Will it shock you to learn that we have (fully clothed) powerful female role models? You know, that they have clothes on? Or that they lead the way in our sold-out graphic novels?

On my god a book with PLENTY of dressed women that are minorities? Focusing on issues of social justice? Holy crap you need a brain and moral conscience to even understand the book (oh well lost 90% of the population there)

Yes, we are the leader in the industry on many levels, environmental practices, support of women and minorities and the leaders in the cause of social justice (refusing to print overseas-with lower enviromental standards & slave labor). Holy crap Batman we have something to say and we are not ashamed to say it.

Let everyone else be the apologist (s) we are prod of the fact we have something to say (and get punished for it by the industry-or you thought we were PC? You are funny. You claim you tired of the way mintotires and natives and women are protrayed?–Sick that real social issues are glossed over?–Well prove it–put your money where your mouth is–after all talk is cheap).

As for girls? They are not second class citizens and they do not have cooties.

In fact, unlike the rest of the industry we don’t have “Mommie issues” our women have clothes and are just the way we like them-bad ass to the bone.

We have the toughest ladies in the industry.Period.

Now go home and hug your Mom–and while you are at it–give her a raise–and a long sleeve shirt.

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Patricia Arquette

conformcomics-rangercore-marvel1xgj4YOU WANT TO INDULGE IN MINDLESS CRAP AND SUBJECT YOUR SELF TO HERD MIND CONTROL–GO AHEAD. Conform– After all the ultimate drug is fitting in-isn’t it?