IT’s NOT just about vaccines–it’s about TRUST.

I’ll put reli

This is who you trust on vaccines? Going to one side (though it is HUGE for me);

Pro vaccers drugs users are conspiracy nuts as they don’t trust the government or corporations but think they got vaccines right. #stopsb277



Pro vaccers are conspiracy nuts, as even though Robert Kennedy Jr says he is for ”–vaccines safety,” they believe he is a plant out to destroy THEM all! #stopsb277



Pro vaccers are conspiracy nuts as I can objectively see a study that benefits vaccines, pro drug addicts think every thing is a conspiracy and a plot against them. #stopsb277


Pro vaccers are conspiracy nuts, as they think every parent that reports an adverse reaction, is lying or misguided, ONLY they can be right AND 100% of the time. (Isn’t that called megalomania?) #stopsb277


Pro Vaccers are extremist nuts as they think it ok for the legislative body to circumvent the constitution just to secure them victory. #stopsb277


Pro vaccers are extremist nuts because they think money has no influence on vaccines studies and doctors recommendations. #stopsb277


Pro vaccers are extremist nuts that hate evidence ”–no amount of SCIENCE ”–will ever convince me that vaccines are dangerous.” #stopsb277

I have NEVER had one pro drugs addict EVER read ANY study or article I have EVER sent them, NOT ONCE.


The door will now be wide open for CPS to take your kids–another money grab–don’t say no-I have seen it Happen with THESE laws in place. This will be a cash flood gate opened to come and get your kids.

Even if YOU total support vaccines you should NOT support this law as it is an end run around the Constitution as fraud has already been reported. If you support the Constitution then you MUST vote against this law–its also violates my right of freedom of religion or does that only apply to gays?

Remember this is NOT majority rules BUT freedom, civil rights and the laws of this country.


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