YOU ARE NOT FOR SALE—and you are proud to read the number 1001 comic in the world—you will keep defending natives, minorities, women and the environment.


Gaia fight for our world but who will fight for Gaia?
Gaia fight for our world but who will fight for Gaia?

With our mutli-pronged strategy of using wind, solar, recycled product and soy inks we are leading the way in utilization of all known sustainable technology.

We are reducing carbon emission, saving tress–and getting toxic chemical out of the air, water and landfill by using the state of the art soy based ink technologies–

Our business is about talking but we make sure our talk is not cheap.

Bottom line: we are in the leaders in the field no one is doing what we are doing.



Simply IT STANDS FOR THE INNOVATION OF “still motion graphics” while there are three technological components hat go into “SMG” and we invented none of them we have developed a way to combine all three technologies into the seamless application of SMG–

We believe it give an amazing still motion technology that is way beyond the motion blur–look it as motion blur with a heck of a lot more horse power making our action look that more intense & dynamic.

The overlooked dimension in sensory stimulus

So you have your five sense; but did you know none are more powerful then you sense of smell & touch and memories are keenly locked into a sense of smell?

Several university studies find the most powerful sense memory you have is smell just think of grandmas cookies of cinabuns and you’ll get the picture yeah picture–we have developed a combination of patent pending ‘texturelogy’ and scent (scentsory) to enhance your viewing experience and literally make it a more memorable one.

With the 2 combined proprietary technologies we are opening up the 4th dimension to our audience–again making us the leader in our field in a most unexpected way.

Sorry people you aint going to get that in your IPAD or your surface.


We print & manufacture in the US while according to some authorities as much as 78% of other publishing companies don’t do either.

Just like Hollywood the send most of the jobs over seas–stealing money from our neighbors.

SO we have instituted another “technology” it’s the good neighbor policy” to help keep our family & friends employed here–in the good old USA.

Loyalty has to mean something and words without actions means what?

They talk heroic & heroism but don’t seem to do thinks that really matter or effect peoples lives on a day to day basis.

We have dedicated to giving to our world and worthwhile charities at LEAST 10% of earnings.

We are especially fond of muscular dystrophy,
Ending human trafficking and feeding the children.

Yeah but it doesn’t stop there.


Women are generally portrayed horribly in media as sex object which only serves to further the cause of domestic violence human trafficking & sexism.

We didn’t say cause but we did say further–besides if
Selling a message doesn’t work then advertisers are wasting billions of dollars on advertising–so lest tell the truth advertising may not 100% of the story though neither is it zero.

So we will pick up the mantel and lead the charge.

Our women wear clothes we have minorities that are not just a name sake we delved into the issues of racism and sexism if its just a darker hero or boobs perhaps the impact on social change is minimal you have to TAKE On the subject matter that they represents & suggest.

Some of you have expressed offense at our point of view–if it offends you feel free to show your disapproval by not buying our book.



Boyle Heights, CA Oct 18, 2014: Or at least the rules for modeling need to be changed. Who says models need to be 5′ 10′ & weigh 112 lbs? A bunch of racist, prejudice rules designed to control us and create self hatred amongst women and boys. An industry that does nothing but encourage anorexia and bulimics and drug use. As even the perfect amongst us find it impossible to maintain perfection.

And why should dancers and ballerinas have to be of a certain size and shape? Again, fueling nothing but self destruction and self hatred. We have given up our power and allowed the few to rule the money because insecure people make good followers and by extension good consumers.

Yes, they created “plus sized” models- great, but in the end who cares as they are simply nothing but a totally different category ASIDE for OTHER models-meaning simply there are NO PLUS sized models-but ONLY models-PERIOD!

All of these images need to be smashed against the ground and eliminated forever-do not tell my little girls what beauty is or for that matter our little boys- DO NOT CALL MY KID UGLY-or tell them they are not good enough! We say hands off our kids-hands off with your closed minded hearts and souls–beauty is beauty. Get lost you bunch of racists, elitist, rich spoiled, pampered clothing and makeup designers that are overwhelmingly drowning in human right and environmental violations–because hate -even self hatred can only fuel and encourage more hate. Therefore, we are launching the ‘I am beautiful campaign’ models of all shapes and sizes-not only, but particularly height and weight to tell the beauty modeling and we are launching this campaign to all of our kids–and women and girls that you are beautiful. Do not buy into the mind control pocket book control created by the beauty industry to exploit you and your money! Next time you, our beautiful dancers go on an audition and they tell you are too short or too old–call them what they are people folks that discriminate against age and height–an act which is no different then skin color or disability. Screw all of you that worship your narrow and abusive and hatred filled definition of beauty!

See our website–if you got it–we will post your picture and highlight the “it” person of the day–meaning the person who best can make the beauty of the soul come to the outside. Open to the disabled any race any shape and ANYTHING-you can have third digress burns-don’t matter we love you. Period. Lets send a message loud and clear to the beauty industry HANDS OFF OUR KIDS, and our girls and our boys! Therefore the old idea of what is a model and dancer needs to be done away with. THE IDEA-not actual people.

To enter the contest please submitted all entries with with the Caption underneath “I AM BEAUTIFUL” because you are. Screw you and you’re your $3000 handbags that a 12 yr old Chinese girl working 18 hours a day made for you for 35 cents, You are the LAST people that can define beauty for us-we are taking beauty back!* To enter the contest please submitted all entries with with the Caption underneath “I AM BEAUTIFUL” because you are. We will highlight those with the most personalities. Let’s take back our own self image & those of our kid & women’s.


Contact :Mirsha Lopez


conformcomics456716.29 (2)


Gaia fight for our world but who will fight for Gaia?
Gaia fight for our world but who will fight for Gaia?

A simple and heart felt thanks you to all of our supporters–thank you so much it means alot!

Sebastian X!!!


Let’s be honest men run the world and the world sucks.

Most women who come into a power positions are so desperate to try to prove that they have a penis that they become ‘proxy men.’ They want to prove they could be just like all the other DICKS that occupy the board room.

Wrong ladies, do not surrender you vagina.

You have the power and the ability to save the world from men who are so vastly insecure that they have to grunt and growl and insists upon acting like the village idiot to end all village idiots. Men are inherently cowards they are more interested in impressing other men then they are in impressing or attracting women.

One might even accuse them all of being latent homosexuals. I think the queenie doth protest too much. No, I am totally for gay rights and have stopped some from being bullied and attacked, This is an an observation and if there is criticism it is for STRAIGHT men not gay ones. To want to be in the boy’s club does that sound straight to you?–or that girl have cooties?

How about girls can’t be on my team? Is this the sound that a full bloodied straight boy? I have always been happy when the other boys wouldn’t take the girls on their team (which also meant that we won most of the time-I love boys they are so stupid) I adore girls and was grateful that these other boys wanted to be inundated with more penis;

I appreciate all the latent homosexual inclinations. Though I must admit the people that. out and out admit it, accept it, and own the fact that they are gay-always became my best friends..

There is something about self hatred that makes for a terrible relationship ask any victim of domestic


Oh yeah these are the same stupid men who do not believe in global warming.

Their judgment can not be trusted.

Insecurity is the root of all evil not greed.rangercore2 rangercore1 rangercore3 rangercore conformcomics123 rangercore5

Eternity strikes back
Eternity strikes back


BLIND OBEDIENCE–rejects money from racist & misogynist & those that worship violence

August 20, 2014, LA, CA It’s our mission to take on the subject matter that others fear and the social issues of our time. We simply will highlight, support, and participate in the mission of civil justice and those goals we find humanitarian in nature. From print to action. We bring an end to the misogynist images & racists depictions that have dominated media & the publishing world. It is a circle and an incomplete manifestation of false villains and subject matter; simply reality is not only stranger, it is also better & certainly more important, than fiction. We are NOT trying to be all things to all people.

In this world of disinfectant sprays, wipes and hand sanitizers; applied not only to our hands and household but more importantly to our minds– but in the media–we believe there is a longing for the raw, unfettered, truth–and more over to end the ‘ingeniousness’ of self indulgent writers that believe what they create (which some could categorize as a manifestation of mental illness–) is somehow important or even relevant in its dominance. We believe this is promoted by the media owners who do not wish viewers or readers to be engaged with truly stimulating content–instead preferring to put mind numbing idiopathic jargon throughout the populace of an overblown media nucleus–a critical thinking culture is NOT what they want. This is censorship thru selection. Meaning; you do Not have to instruct your writers what to compose–you merely designate those that display no interest in creating anything to challenge the human spirit or intellect. It’s more a process of and avoiding those–AND refusing to engage–individuals that may well arouse the masses. Of course this process also applies to our soulless, thoughtless music and films-which. if in fact is not dead–then it certainly is on life support.

We are always concerned about whether our technology has been hacked all the while missing the dark reality that there is a war for our minds—-and perhaps now even your soul–Despite this, there are several technologies in development—-including SMG Technology & 5TH Dimension- and ULTRA VISION–which we believe will radically alter how publishers & artists alike will be able to create a tangible product or work.

We are asking all people that care to participate in the creative process-which makes us the first truly interactive comic book publishers. Where the reader is not simply forced to abstain or be forced fed what the publishers choose to emphasize. They can, instead, provide us with detailed information of subjects that they are concerned with. Of course all material submitted must become the property of New Universe Publishing in its entity in perpetuity in order for us to be able to publish it. There will be 5 finalists and the winner will receive $500 in cash and/or prizes.–including attending comic-con with us. Pushing buttons is Not real interaction–meaningful PARTICIPATION is and that’s what we openly and freely provide. More over we donate part of our proceeds back to the community to help further the causes of these issues. Our Good Neighbor policy-from print to action.

We further proudly make everything in the USA and only use suppliers that demonstrate that at least 80% of all work product is produced here. (we have not been able to find 100%) We are engaged in using sustainable energy such as wind, solar, recycled paper products, soy ink and work diligently to ensure that there is no lead in any or our products–Exceeding government safety guidelines. SO go to our face book page and website and highlight, support and participate, pass along the mission of civil justice and humanitarian causes. Feel free to pre-order a book with supplies that no longer exist. We will be attending COMIC CON 2015. Good luck to the participants. LIKE US & TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Remember humanity matters.


Boyle Heights, CA, October 27, 2014: Want to play war games? Well, have some guts and do it for real. No game ever created would ever dare go into the innocent killings of civilians or women and children and attempt to reveal their real pain and suffering; 3rd degree burns, scars, amputation. Further, we take you into the MASH unit where YOU have to do real surgery and the hard choice of amputations. Want war? We will give it to you. The ugly, the uglier and the ugliest.

You do not just do the shooting, you have to go in there and pick up the pieces and console the family that you accidentally murdered, take responsibility for the bad drone strikes you have taken. Make the wrong decision and you have just bred new terrorists and a brand new insurgence. Make the wrong choice and you can inflict 1 full blown world war.

It is a wildly ambitious game; you will have to make life and death decisions not only in the battlefield but in the operating room as well. It’s going to make all other war games look like a cub scout playground.

WANT WAR? You’re going to get it. Want blood?–you’re going to get a bowl full. Expect the release Christmas 2017. “We are tired of the glorification and sanitization of war–it’s bloody, dirty, messy and terrible at best,” states Aeylias Lopez, the author and creator of Universe Comics and Universe Games.

He is also the writer creator of the sold out mini-series “RANGER-CORE.” “It asks a simple question; is war really fun? Should it really be made a game and should games be allowed to lie? Worse, there is not one war game that tells the truth–well, “Collateral” is going to change history and everyone is going to be left behind in the dust.”

While the game will not depict rape it will leave you in the aftermath of it–and you can blame Angelina Jolie for that. As a general idea, she said rape should be “-treated as a war crime and it is largely ignored”. We will not ignore it–it’s a tight rope we are willing to walk due to it’s massive importance.

Get ready for your eyes to be ripped out–and don’t expect an apology. We are preparing a media kit for anyone that wants to cry about it–and yes, a box of Kleenex with our logo on it is included.

Rangercore ConformComics

Comics that change the world.


Los Angeles, CA, August 3, 2013: Based on the new science developed by inspired by GMO gurus and HUMAN GENOME cloners we can now make war more realistic then ever-not only can you kill real virtual humans you can cause the virtual humans in video games real pain. Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey a little known scientist that helped to develop the “KPET Technology” has been kept under raps for nearly a decade has spear headed the movement to make things more ‘real then real.’ Try to do a Goggle search of him and you will find little if anything. When asked for a more detailed explanation of the technology he would only provide a cursory explanation. “The “KPET Technology” is a scientific procedure that allows us to inject parts of the human genome and cells typically used for cloning and genetic modification and thru a closely guarded process inserted it inside of digital characters–it’s much like, adding inside the 1’s and 0’s in the computer code, and inserting human tissues and sequencing between each. In essence we have created real human inside of video games. AT a certain molecularly and atomic point human and let’s say other types of cells or atoms or parts of atoms are virtually indistinguishable-the key is to go small enough then create a bride or slice between the type of fission bridge.”

Measures have been taken to protect this proprietary information as Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey is on the cutting edge of the cutting edge. “Its our chance to seen real human reactions without having to harm or kill humans in traditional ways. It’s a break thru in learning how far a human can be pushed in a war or torture scenarios without having to violate anyone’s human rights.”

It is an incredibly opportunity to make all video games more realistic than ever before and heighten the game playing experience for all platforms. There is this tremendous opportunity to see what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder does in soldiers as now when you play war games we can actually cause it. That character in that video game who is exposed to real harm will now always carry those experiences with him through the entire life of the game play. He will bring it in his reaction to your reaction to him. It’s the greatest human experiment ever done. We can now expand the game play especially in war games that will cause the soldier to go home and beat his children and to divorce his wife and then return for another tour of duty. “This not only impacts and heightens the game play experience for gamers but gives us an opportunity to see how it impacts the performance of our soldiers in these virtual settings. As the people in our games now really will be hurt, they now really will suffer, they can feel real pain. Additionally, they can get permanent wounds and scars and each time you play you build those experiences into them. Your game play will clearly be different with a seasoned warrior then the 1st time you play the game and we are delighted by that. This also moves robotics a quantum leap forward,” Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey Adds excitedly. “Its done by creating an ingram.”

Of course there’s no reset button once you create your players inside the game, just like once you create a human being, you can’t simply delete or rest the game[ play with him, but you are instead free to make as many soldiers as you like. Once that character you created has that experience you can not remove it form his individual’s virtual memory. Instead each one will have a fresh and original experience. We have developed real torture scenarios where you can see what actual pain and physical damage does to a human–what does water boarding, in fact, do? We no longer have to guess. And we no longer have to risk human rights organizations or the ACLU getting involved. We absolutely know just how much torture a human can take and what a life time of those experiences means.

We have already contacted game developers as well as every game playing platform with the condition that we do not identify them. It’s our opinion that every one–industry wide, is excited to license this technology. We are also very confident that the takers will be 100% . We are proud to have “KPET Technology” revolutionize the industry and are excited to be bring a total revalidation to the art of game play.

When asked whether he thinks people will be resistant to causing pain and inflicting harm to an organism that can be hurt? Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey responded strongly–“–you think some snot nose, brain dead gamer, that is having a better game playing experience is going to care WHY it’s a better, more enjoyable game to play? DO people care how much torture or a horrible life a cow has before it becomes steak–? As long as it taste good right? All the studies show the answer is a conclusive –no.”

Conform Comics, Rangercore


Boyle Heights, CA: ‘Brave New World‘, ‘1984’ and ‘Soylent Green’ — have written the new quatrains of the modern Nostradamus. Proving that the architects of these masterpieces are more soothsayers than authors. Within their words they unveil more horror than science fiction. Particular insightful was Soylent Green that prophesied the desire by big agro to use human (DNA) in food-all without asking “what will be the consequences for eating ourselves?” –To our morality? Are we now formally cannibals? IS there any irony in the fact that we are now cannibals too? “People hate the Ranger-core,” says 11 yr old creator Aeylias Lopez. “The average reader wants to be catered to intellectually.’ They’re accustomed to the media preparing junk food for the mind–prepackaging thoughts for free consummation. SO marketing is not just for people selling products. It is also for people peddling their views to you. Control thoughts and you control man. And think tanks run worldview do they not? The irony is much of the hate mail comes from people who haven’t read the book making it difficult to give any real context to the criticism. A tribal friend once told me ‘you can measure a man better by his enemies than his friends.” “RANGER-CORE & DARKNESS” is a saga for our fellow inmates; it’s designed to add momentum to a dialogue already in motion. It’s not for drones that want to be spoon-fed the new illusion.

Entertainment is devoid of any thoughtful consequence –oh ‘we are not trying to send a message’ –as if having nothing to say is subject to admiration. They are changing the definition of writing into ‘random noises strung together for effect without meaning’. Our villains have a basis in realism, as their genesis is the evils that have plagued our history; Hitler, Stalin and the top 10 war criminals sought by the World Court. Forget dominating humanity, as aren’t we already under ownership? Let’s stop pretending the world is not at stake –perhaps the reality is we have already lost it.

We trade human life because to the 1% we are a commodity. Human trafficking, GMO’S? Big Brother? We have a 21st Century book for 21st Century readers, acknowledging there are plenty of comic fans still mired in the previous century—-we are not going to shake them conscious and we operate under no such an illusion. The reality is we are preaching to the converted. It’s for the highly educated and well informed reader. It’s clear we have another holocaust on our hands–the Sudan. In Syria. Conservatively, we are up to World War 5 except we have stopped naming them with such gut wrenching titles we simply baptize it ‘Iraq’ or ‘Afghanistan’ –We identify it as a ‘coalition’ or say the word ‘allies’ and somehow now it’s no longer a world war. Always certain to quickly add, “They hate freedom” to end the dialogue before it begins. Always de-humanize your enemy. All to great effect.

We are here for the disenfranchised–people who don’t want chocolate or strawberry-we are here for the ones that like pistachio double cream orange macaroon mixed with broken glass and barbed wire. For the ones that wear black because they are in perpetual mourning for humanity as only a few have realized that civilization is substantively dead and it’s time to grieve.

The reason for the reboot of the sold out mini-series is simple; we always knew the story wasn’t finished and it’s our chance to complete the circle. To set the headstone and place the last nail in the coffin or up on the cross as it were. To drive the nail of disrepair into the palms of the one that could’ve saved us. Choose the red pill or the blue–we are here to force you to pick your rabbit hole. The 12 issues mini series launches Christmas 2013. The initial pre-orders have been sold out. We are bringing back truth and justice. Remember to the 1% you are ZERO. Free your mind don’t miss the revolution be the first one on your block to say; “Yeah I read that—what do you read?“ For inquires please contact Aeylias Lopez. “We understand that MOST people don’t
get it-and they are not going to it-it’s for all the people that realize that the Emperors clothes story has been flipped-he really is wearing something–and no one can see it.”

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