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As everyone keeps saying the word ‘science’ –all I hear is vaccine hysteria–and Jimmy Kimmel & Whoppie Goldberg added to the panic.

It’s a simple method of manipulation –appeal to the emotional lizard side of the brain–the ‘crock brain’ as the experts manipulators call it.. I guess they call it a crock because it’s filled with sh*$.

But Whoppie & Jimmy are ignoring both science & law.

Many people,including Kimmel & Goldberg, while representing themselves as people in the know–the “educated” ones, are reprimanding the “ignorant” folks. These Hollywood, talking heads conveniently forget that the issue of vaccines being dangerous to children had been decided by both science, the cooperation of Congress, and other legislative bodies nearly 3 decades ago.

Does this shock you? Well it shouldn’t. How long did the CDC lie about the dangers of cigarettes?

At first, companies were allowed to make heath benefit claims for the notorious cancer sticks before the wool was peeled back off from our eyes. We should not forget the long history of those that lied.

Let me help educate you Mr. Kimmel & Ms. Goldberg:

The National Childhood Injury Act was created in 1986 to compensate families whose children had been injured or died from vaccines.
Period. No hyphenated words, no small print.
Injured or died from injections.
The corporations BEGGED for these rules-for this board to be formed–not the public. But of course revisionist history still exists even on this matter. The board was formed as an end run around massive lawsuits by what clearly THE corporations feared and knew was a defective product.
It’s not protection for us.  It’s a pass.  It’s special treatment  for them (and they NEED it as their product is scientifically & religiously lurking in the shadow of the dark ages.)

Sorry, these are facts.

They are inconvenient and not popular with the mainstream and questionable rulers of the media. Everyone can vote on the fact that the sun is really blue and a diamond, but it will not make it so.

Follow along Mr. Kimmel and Ms. Goldberg– ( we will just take a small slice of the available actions taken by this board to compensate children who, were in fact, UNEQUIVOCALLY damaged by vaccines.

There is no medical debate-they only award COMPENSATION to those who can pass the nearly impossible standards of collation.

Many, many claims are rejected and remain even unacknowledged.

Let’s take from July, 1990 to March, 1994, more than 34,000 cases of vaccine injuries were reported to VARS, including hundreds of cases of brain damage and over 700 deaths.
Death, Mr. Kimmel– death–Ms. Goldberg. You both can stop mocking parents that have lost their children and making fun of brain-damaged children.

I for one am not laughing.
If you have the courage to read the rest, here you go:
34,000 substantiated cases in an extremely short span of 4 years. I am shocked with the research departments & resources that both of these millionaires possess that they were ignorant to this 29-year-old reality.
How did you guys miss HUNDREDS of cases of BRAIN DAMAGE!? Verified, proven–DONE.
Sure the detractors won’t believe it–they are in the business of cherry picking the science they like and dismissing the science they do not. It is funny how this Act & board are NEVER spoken about in the media anywhere.

Interesting & distressing. But that is extremism for you.
8,500 seriously damaged children per year and 175 children dying each and every year within that time frame. But people do not have legitimate things to fear and legitimate questions right, Jimmy and Whoopie?

Let’s ignore facts and make defamatory jokes–some libelous fun.
Let’s not ask questions, let’s not buck the system. Fall in line, you good little puppets.
You want to say not everyone dies or gets sick from vaccines? Great, but it is the wrong question. But let’s take it on; Not everyone dies from being shot or stabbed (or, in fact, ANYTHING). So? This absurd thinking does not prove stabbings and shootings are safe or good.
What’s your point?
The science and the law says kids get hurt, kids die from following their doctor’s advice. Period.
It happens. Accept it. It’s the reality. Once you chicken little’s can acknowledge the truth, we can have a reasonable conversation with all of your hysterics and extremist positions placed to one side.

I, frankly feel you zealots sound pretty nutty. But as there are conspiracy theorists, there is also the opposite side –the “Toothfairiers”.

The ones that believe EVERYTHING mass media tells them.

Nothing works all the time, nothing is without risk, nothing is perfect.

That’s just common sense 101.
Get your head out of your emotions and deal with reality.
But, sir, madam; the SYSTEM has decided–the system is in place–the science has spoken.

Everyone should keep in mind that these numbers represent only 10% of actual cases, since according to the FDA, 90% of doctors do not (DO NOT!) report vaccine reactions (as doctors will overwhelmingly not make these reports and refuse to report them).

Some insiders feel that doctors rebelled as they did not like being forced to document such reactions and actively boycotted having to write them. Most doctors are so extreme in their thinking, they will dismiss any evidence of a negative reactions as they believe: 1) it will negatively impact their dogma and 2) negatively impact their pocket-book.

Big corporations get PAID for manufacturing vaccines –whether from the taxpayer or the parents directly–they are not for free. So many doctors do have financial interests as well. In fact,many of the talking heads on TV that are pro vaccines  are very supportive of their own pocketbooks.
Not reporting such reactions would appear to be a violation of the Act.
So let’s be honest, 90% failing to report adverse reactions is an EXTREME number attached to what can only be called EXTREME behavior.

The “Think Tanks” work hard to get us at each others throats–do not fall for it. Go on, disagree with me–but do not be manipulated.

Let me dip my toe into some deep pool of facts–ready, talking heads?

The last thing KIMMEL or Goldberg want to discuss is inconvenient science like On Feb 9, 2004, the National Autism Association issued a press release that reported that under independent investigation, the CDC’s data concluded that children are TWENTY SEVEN TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DEVELOP AUTISM after exposure to three thimerosal containing vaccines when compared with those who received no vaccinations.

27 times! But parents have no right to be concerned–says who? God Jimmy and Goddess Goldberg?

Is that a joke, Jim?-or is this just ignorant people spouting nonsense, Ms. Goldberg? Are we being punked?

FACTS happen, PEOPLE. It is both of you that refuse to read and understand the science to get informed and become aware.

Go find them. With all your resources, go-ffers, assistants and researchers working for one of the largest corporations in the world–you can’t do fair and balanced reporting? These are NOT normal people folks–these are people who have resources you can scarcely comprehend or are they just not up to the task, or to be more blunt- -incompetent?

But let’s push my toe deeper in: You can’t get any more PRO vaccine than the CDC- -remember, this is not some fringe crazy organization –oops… ok,sorry, maybe it is?
I have PLENTY more to say and PLENTY of evidence to present–but this portion of the debate is over.
Since 1986, Vaccines do harm children–the law says so, science says so–period–now apologize Mr. Kimmel & Ms. Goldberg and hell might just about freeze over.