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This is NOT so much about FF as it is about the state of Hollywood & The entertainment industry.

I hate movies, I hate music, I hate comics–mostly because insurance salesmen are telling people how to be artists.

—You want us to bend to your whim or popular opinion or pop culture -no. We will not be part of the absolute debacle of the media. Lets’ face it rich white men suck and so does their art-and they readily admit to this crime of the soul. “Its a business.” They’ll shout it as if somehow they are educating you as to why everything they “create” is a bastardized version of anything good or meaningful. This debate was lost first with the invention of radio and licensing its air waves (licensing free speech really? Again not designated by MERIT by rewarded to the inferior–the talent less because they had money–rich people bought the air waves and THEN hired some artists to create the content while they reined over editorial privilege, provided to them by the golden rule) Are some TV and movies good? sure. You cant get 100% wrong. The mathematical odds of everything sucking is zero. SO that is just math (and somewhat of a generalization.) The silk suited accountants confess its is NOT art–“its a business.” They spit it at you. Well there’s the rub–Art–is NOT a business–nor should it be.

By THAT definition there is No art. Period. It is all a business. You have the murders confession and the assassin’s weapon, his Edna, his fingerprints. White rich old guys in three piece suits trying to drain the last vestige of the human spirit in exchange for 28 pieces of silver.

Do I believe it is a betrayal of man? Of course I do. Art is critical to the continued growth and formation of any just society. It is a crime of the soul–our spirit and our hope for the future. Stories matter–every but every culture had stories it is part of the very fabric of any thriving society and the loss of it is one of the symptoms when the essence of civilization has began to die. The Roman’s had their coliseums filled with Barbarism to distract and entertain the masses we have the corruption of every level of media.

Are we in the coliseum now? No, but we have built it. We have opened the gates and stocked the arena with lion cages and sharped shining swords. The decline of thinking–of art–is that the precipice? Stalin burned books, Hitler and so did Mussolini. Perhaps ours is a more figurative and symbolic burning- -and perhaps that makes it worse–we burn them before we every allow them to be written.

Not everything in society should be financially driven–perhaps nothing should be (we invented money–its our bitch we are not its-their are no realities to money–it exists solely in our mind–we are not so much subject to ITS power as we are subjugated to the people’s around it mad enough to have a belief in it. People believe in money more then God–and that’s for real) like someone having a heart attack on the side walk–you are–WE are obligated to save them even if that means a ‘loss’ in our accounting book. Renting a building is a business expense, as is utilities, advertising, signs etcetera- -Not everything can be monetize from YOUR end of the economy –how do we expected everything we do to run our government to make money or not in fact lose money. Someone BUYS medical supplies and someone SELLS medical supplies–what is everybody lying about? “Run like a business?” Where the hell is this business that rakes in a 100% profit on EVERY activity and business transaction?–even BUYING supplies–really? But these people are not lying idiots right?

These ideas are nothing but smoke and mirrors and misdirection by those who believe money is a living breathing organism. Look at schools –they are not made–nor should they be designed, to generate profit nor for that matter should prisons. (prisons are designed to keep the general public safe and to REHABILITATE –not to rake in the dough- -privatization is a very dangerous word and puts another critical part of our society at the alter of another false god)

On balance; art, school and medicine and prisons should Not be designed to generate profit. That’s putting the cart before the horse and twisting it – in a most diabolical way. (think about the idea of prison being profit motivated –the BETTER job the prison does at rehabilitating prisons the more money they LOSE as their are less and less repeat customers. How is this our goal? How does this serve our society? Just like fossil fuel the more fuel efficient they make our cars the less money the oil industry makes–where is their incentive to do a better job? Perhaps certain industries should be ‘governmentalized’?) Yes. Be efficient, be economical–do as best you can–but do not make it THE priority. Do we really need the pat on the head and a medal for everything we do?

What a land of insecure idiots.

‘Please reward me–please fill me I am so empty.’


Money is not the root of all evil it is self esteem. I am not talking about being a cocky arrogant prick. That’s fake ego–that’s the ‘i am so empty please fill me’ disguised as true bravado.

Both are frauds.

Just as their is no more money (nor less) in manufacturing candles or light bulbs or solar panels or fossil fuels–That is rich people’s fragile egos demanding we do it their way- -that’s not money- -that’s not greed–oh it may be a CONSEQUENCES of a poor self esteem -but it is not a contributing factor to behaviors (its a proxy behavior –the real goal is to feel better & worthy about who we are.) If you are truly confident you do not need to have it your way or another medal in your bank account to reinforce to yourself that you are good and worthy of love and affection. Just as the oil industry can decided to go into alternate energy of wind or solar –I mean if they do not have the resources to do it–then who does? The reality is science will advance us–why are you brilliant white men not building that INTO your business model? What is this nostalgia?

Is this not a form of laziness? But Republicans are somehow cutting edge? No, they are cavemen clinging to their clubs and their hair pulling mating rituals. .

Eventually supply and demand will take over once you make a viable alternative by doing the work and investing the money. (wait WORK is a four letter word) Cars use to cost more then houses and got 12 miles a tank –Ford didn’t see the limitations he knew he make a better and better car–and here we are today. But it is the governments fault for disincentivizing certain people in certain industries from doing a better job. (you can’t punish people for doing a better job by paying them less money)

But that’s a Republican idea isn’t it–to stay rooted firmly in the past. Change frightens them. BOO!

It is self esteem. In The absolute. Just as evil, in the end –is simply a struggle to be be meaningful, to be appreciated to be loved–if love is the answer –what is he question I have heard asked. .The question is how do you fix a broken world? A civilization in decline? Love. Not tough love but carrot & sticks love–not one but both. If these sad little rich people, if theses silly Republicans could just feel worthy–they wouldn’t have to always but always prove they matter but screaming shouting and kicking up a fuss like some spoiled kid in the playground pulling all the little girls pigtails for attention.

If you are secure you can many times quietly and anonymous do the right thing. Ok, we donate to charity and to worthy causes we do not feel the need to tell anyone–even the charity we are helping. Does it help our marketing –probably not–does this stance help our bottom line–I doubt it.

We do not need to be patted on the head like some puppy just born to an unwelcoming world.
So we will endeavor to create art. That your are free to argue over and criticize- -that’s the danger you take on when you endeavor to do anything of consequence or real meaning. If not everyone loved the Sistine Chapel–and Michael Angelo –what chance do I have? Please I have good self esteem–I am not delusional.

Though perhaps the real measure of good art is to begin a debate and heighten awareness to begin and contribute to a conversation not maintain, against all cost to our society- -the status quo.

But When you have idiot insurance sales men start telling us what to write, what to draw and what to paint–the society will spiral down overly influenced by paper pushers and number crunchers that should be working at some factory making widgets. .