fighting against racism  misogyny
fighting against racism misogyny

There is only one way to effectively write and created characters that you might not understand-and might not WANT to understand –who wants to look into the eyes of the devil and worse to understand him?




You sure?


You watch slasher movies dont you? Ones with serial killers, ghost and goblins, demons, killers, rapists? Have you really convinced yourself this is just to tickle your fancy and entertain yourself –isn’t the hidden truth is because you WANT to understand?


Do you understand Jeffrey Dhamer, Wayne Gacey? Yeah?


I mean it is pretty damn sick to go watch a movie where people are chained sawed to death and you find that entertaining? These movies were based on real events–you feel better now?


IS this simply wish fulfillment- -really?


Go on keep telling yourself that. An unexamined life is just not worth living.


So you want to write –you want to make those fictional souls into believable people–you want them to come to life from your tiny little letters strung together with your smooth soft fingertips?


A famous writer once said “writing is easy all you need to do is let a vein–“


Maybe that is why we admire truly great writers-because writing is painful –writhing is DANGEROUS—. Writing sucks.


If so the path is clear and the first step is couldn’t be clearer—-and that is research –so you take out books from the library –maybe you can wear a hoody? –you do uncomfortable goggle searches –and try NOT to imagine your mom finding them —and if you are really serious your write form the characters point of view–you write from the “I” point of view–of course this means you want to be very selective on who you allow on your computer.


Yeah that means YOU Mom. And be prepared to make yourself sick. You might want to consider witting about the person without ever intending to publish it to release it to the public–its is an exercise–a revealing and hurtful one. If you do it sincerely–it is going to suck –you are going to have to take a sledge hammer to your world view–and realize the world is – much more painful place then you dared realize.


Its not just that there is no Santa Clause–its worse–he raped and killed your mother–and got her pregnant and—the man in the red suit is your Dad. Welcome home.


In order to understand someone you must walk a mile in their shoes —no more like run a marathon with soles full of blistered, pussie bare feet-with rubbing alcohol spilled on your wounds rather then water given out at the watering stations. -but that’s scary isn’t it? I find it so–there is a border you may not want to cross-i do not mean engaging in actual behavior I am saying do you REALLY want to cross on over to the other side even just to take a peak?

To look into the heart of absolute darkness? -after all you may not like what you find, what you learn about the human condition–no one and nothing is beyond reproach and perhaps NONE of us are as pious or virtuous as we would have wished, hoped or thought–and much worse maybe the guilty are not as evil as you want to believe— it helps us feel superior. To cast people in order of levels of perceived morality. We do it because it makes us feel safe and secure when we put our head onto our my pillows every night.


But as a writer you need to do the exact opposite–and I tell you it is down right creepy.


If you want to keep thinking you are perfect and so saintly I advise you against this process. Keep the bubble put your pins away–heck I’d get a lint remover just to play it safe. More over – RUN. Just keep the things that only serve to reinforce your point of view. Rattle your chains and profess your freedom.


It makes us rest easier at night.


But you have to go there if you want to understand. If you want to write interesting good stuff -maybe world changing stuff. And to many times it filthy, crappy stuff-I do not begrudge you if you reject his journey–its many times very sad.


Though many times engaging in such as it is–it is much like looking into the deadly eyes of the Medusa. Your soul, not just your body, will be turned to cold marbled stone for all eternity. All the whole you slowly rot away inside–how does Dean Koontiz & Steven King do it?


Certainly, if you are serious, you may understand humankind better- -in a more profound way–and you may realize that the truth about evil is it is wrapped and bound up in tremendous heart break and sadness—I would submit you can not have light without dark–you can not have joy without pain–

Once you open this Pandora’s box–you may find all your hate turning into something else.


And THAT is more dangerous then all the pain in the world–there is no emotion, no it is much more dangerous then hope–we can survive disappointment- -but it is difficult to live with hope. Hope gives you loss. No hope no loss-period.


Are you sure you want to open the lid–once the genie is out of the bottle–the only way to get him back in–is to kill him–well at least you have a place to bury the body right?


But you can forget about your 3 wishes–and isn’t there a curse that comes along with that?



Harvey Levin--TMZ stand up for victims
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