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“RANGER-CORE’S PAWN” is a saga for our fellow inmates; it’s designed to add volume to a dialogue that has largely been muted.. It’s not for drones that want to be spoon-fed the latest illusion. Facts can be offensive but that changes nothing.

Truth is not a popularity contest. But getting paid money is–money, is not number one to us.
We are here for the disenfranchised– We denounce racism, misogyny, human trafficking and the coddling of the the largest recipients of welfare; the infamous 1%.


We take on causes of social justice, animal rights & the environment–all the subject matter that terrifies our alleged competition- -I say that because if people are not doing what you are doing you have no competition –so we stand alone and we stand in front.. We do what no one else in the industry has the balls to do. But that is not without cost. Addressing these issues assure that you will lose the popularity contest with the corporations.

Popularity equals money–it equals access. We are not the slowest runners in the race–we are not allowed in the race.

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Mindless fan boys will not like “PAWN.” The look into the mirror is too deep and few will submit themselves to such self scurrility. It is far easier to not only shoot the messenger but to roast them alive. Why blame yourself when you have someone else to point the finger to?

Mass media has hijacked the definition of creating into ‘random noises strung together for effect without meaning’. ENTERTAINMENT is applauded & rewarded for having nothing to say. It is forbidden to make people think beyond “BIG BROTHER” and the “BACHELOR.” If you try, you will be punished. It is required to be part of the Roman Coliseum- designed to occupy & distract the masses and if done right; to shape public sentiment.

They have trained us to ingest junk food for our minds- -prepackaging thoughts for intravenous consummation. Direct thoughts and you own man; after all, think tanks & focus groups run the world. A tribal friend once told me ’–you can measure a man far better by his enemies than by his friends.” We hope that tells you something.

We trade human life because to the 1%, we are a commodity. Human trafficking, GMO’S? Big Brother? The world is not ‘screwed up’ as you might believe but rather threading along according to plan. We are not led by incompetence but rather by poisoned design.

“To limit the press is to insult a nation–to prohibit the reading of certain books is to declare the inhabitants either fools or slaves–” Claude Adrien Helvetius (1715-1771)

Therefore, you must decide if you are a slave or a fool? Most have selected the latter. You must decide if Orwell was a science fiction writer or a soothsayer –if what he said was a story or a blue print used by the morally demented.

They are spiritual & literally terra forming our Earth into the ‘Brave New World‘, ‘1984’ infected with ‘Minority Report’ — Particular insightful was ‘Soylent Green’ that prophesied the sickness of big agro to use human (DNA) in food-all without asking “what will be the consequences for eating ourselves?” –To our morality? Cannibalism has not ended, it has simply gone high tech. Why? you ask. Because; screw you.

This is not your planet anyway so GET OFF!

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If these sci-fi geniuses would’ve understood the machinations of those in power, they would have torched the new tragic manuscripts and declined to become the modern and very evil version of Nostradamus.

The reason for the reboot of the sold out mini-series. We always knew the story wasn’t finished and it’s our chance to complete the circle. To set the headstone and place the last nail in the coffin or up on the cross as it were. To drive the nail of disrepair into the palms of the one that could’ve saved us. Choose the red pill or the blue–we are here to force you to pick your rabbit hole. The pain of the truth or the false comfort of the lie, CHOOSE.

The 12 issues mini series next installment releases July 17, 2016. The initial pre-orders have been sold out.

But we promise to send the loyal fans—- something–no one will miss out.

Free your mind. Don’t miss the revolution to be the first one on your block to say; “Yeah, I read that-and I am telling you–the King is unequivocally naked as a Jay bird.’

Remember to the 1% you are ZERO.

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