why is everyone so easily tricked
Gaia fight for our world but who will fight for Gaia?

If you want to read crap, go ahead. We hate the mass irresponsibility of all forms of the media –like somehow we are not a part of them and they are not a part of us.  It is a cop out to say “this is business.”


 When does such an expression entitle you to have no morality? The expression has been bastardized and we are reclaiming it. “It’s just business and we have ethics. We are not whores.”


 We spit on misogyny. We crap on racism. We  will take on the global warming deniers and call them what they are–liars–there is global warming and they know it. They deny it to keep their agenda for self-hatred and the hatred and distrust of mother nature.


 Anyone who knowingly lies about global warming is not just an idiot– they are worse–they are frauds. Anyone that attacks mother nature is an extremist, a radical and worse– mad.

 Would you drill holes in your boat in the middle of the ocean? Yes, they are sick. They are nuts-they are twisted. They need medical attention and a very large lard filled donut.

 Our distributors do not like it? They can shove it. We will not change, we will not back down.

We will battle for animal rights and human rights- no apologies. We will walk our talk and be environmentally responsible.


 If it costs us money–oh well. Sex sells-yeah, we will take on human trafficking, too.

 Are you tired of people writing comic books about heroes and then acting cowardly by using toxic inks and shipping jobs overseas? Yeah, these freaks hate their neighbors, too.

You want to believe in someone that puts their money where their mouth is?


 Well, you found CONFORM COMICS & The Ranger Core –kicking ass & standing our ground since 2012.


Haven’t heard of us? Well now you have— welcome to the party-


Cowards not allowed. SO welcome the honored 1% the good 1 percent.