Sci Fi gave evil minds too many ideas
Orwell was so right about our dark future

(re-thread-amended version)

February 25, 2015 Boyle Heights, CA: No, it’s not science fiction. This is a ‘Brave New World‘, ‘1984’ and ‘Soylent Green’ — These sci-fi geniuses have written the new tragic quatrains of the modern Nostradamus. Proving that the architects of these masterpieces are more soothsayers than authors. Within their words they unveil more horror than science fiction. Particular insightful was Soylent Green that prophesied the desire by big agro to use human (DNA) in food-all without asking “what will be the consequences for eating ourselves?” –To our morality? Are we now formally cannibals? IS there any irony in the fact that we are now cannibals too? “People hate the Ranger-core,” says 11 yr old creator Aeylias Lopez. “The average reader wants to be catered to intellectually.’ They’re accustomed to the media preparing junk food for the mind–prepackaging thoughts for forced consummation. SO marketing is not just for people selling products. It is also for people peddling their views to you. Control thoughts and you control man. And think tanks run world view do they not? The irony is much of the hate mail comes from people who haven’t read the book making it difficult to give any real context to the criticism. A tribal friend once told me ‘you can measure a man better by his enemies than his friends.” Truth is not a popularity contest. The truth can be offensive and yet still be the truth. “RANGER-CORE & DARKNESS” is a saga for our fellow inmates; it’s designed to add momentum to a dialogue already in motion. It’s not for drones that want to be spoon-fed the new illusion.

Sure it feels good–all drugs do.

Entertainment is devoid of any thoughtful consequence –oh ‘we are not trying to send a message’ –as if having nothing to say is subject to admiration. They are changing the definition of writing into ‘random noises strung together for effect without meaning’. Our villains have a basis in realism, as their genesis is the evils that have plagued our history; Hitler, Stalin and the top 10 war criminals sought by the World Court. Forget dominating humanity, as aren’t we already under ownership? The best kind of slave is one that doesn’t even know it.

Let’s stop pretending the world is not at stake –perhaps the reality is we have already lost it.

We trade human life because to the 1% we are a commodity. Human trafficking, GMO’S? Big Brother? We have a 21st Century book for 21st Century readers, acknowledging there are plenty of comic fans still mired in the previous century—-there are not only plenty of caves but plenty of cavemen to occupy them. we are not going to shake them conscious and we operate under no such an illusion. The reality is we are preaching to the converted. It’s for the highly educated and well informed reader. It’s clear we have another holocaust on our hands–the Sudan. In Syria. Conservatively, we are up to World War 5 except we have stopped naming them with such gut wrenching titles we simply baptize it ‘Iraq’ or ‘Afghanistan’ –We identify it as a ‘coalition’ or say the word ‘allies’ and somehow now it’s no longer a world war.

Always certain to quickly add, “They hate freedom” to end the dialogue before it begins. Always de-humanize your enemy. All to great effect.

We are here for the disenfranchised–people who don’t want chocolate or strawberry-we are here for the ones that like pistachio double cream orange macaroon mixed with broken glass and barbed wire. For the ones that wear black because they are in perpetual mourning for humanity as only a few have realized that civilization is substantively dead and it’s time to grieve. We do not condone violence-not even in our books-but try to demonstrating meaningfully the anguish and damage it really causes. We denounce racism, misogyny, human trafficking and the coddling of the 1%. We take on causes of social justice, animal rights & the environment. We do what no one else in the industry has the balls to do.

The reason for the reboot of the sold out mini-series is simple; we always knew the story wasn’t finished and it’s our chance to complete the circle. To set the headstone and place the last nail in the coffin or up on the cross as it were. To drive the nail of disrepair into the palms of the one that could’ve saved us.

Choose the red pill or the blue–we are here to force you to pick your rabbit hole. The 12 issues mini series relaunches July 2015. The initial pre-orders have been sold out. We are bringing back truth and justice. Remember to the 1% you are ZERO. Free your mind don’t miss the revolution be the first one on your block to say; “Yeah I read that-and I am telling you–the King is unequivocally –naked.“