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Bio: CONFORM COMICS RESTRICTED TO BLACK SHEEP Being censored by the corporate media is the greatest complement a non-conformist, socially conscience company like ours could ever get. TO BE defined as ‘AHEAD OF ITS TIME’ IS BY its very definition is NOT mainstream. When Ford was asked ”--what did his customers want?--“ he response was not automobile it was “Faster horses.” We are the cutting edge and that is the exact reverse of ‘antiquated’ crap that’s drowning newsstands and bastardizing digital downloads. RANGER-CORE compared to other books is much like comparing the “INSIDIOUS 3” to “THE BRADY BUNCH” To get beyond tens of thousands of “LIKES” on FACEBOOK and to sell out every issue you print makes its own point. Now combine that with our site being shut down, and the industry not even willing to accept money to pay for ads and you may not have answers--but the bread crumb trail is pretty powerful.we take on social issues others fear human rights, women's the environment. We have been hacked and attacked we are the 1001 most popular graphic novel in the world. This book is NOT for everyone. It is for the FEW, The PROUD the intelligent. Black sheep only. I am 16 yr old boy with MD and a proud Human right, Environmentalist, Feminist.

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