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Being censored by the corporate media is the greatest complement a non-conformist, socially conscience company like ours could ever get. It is recognition what we are doing is for real & not a publicity stunt. TO BE defined as ‘AHEAD OF ITS TIME’ IS BY its very definition NOT mainstream. When Ford was asked what did his customers want he answered “Faster horses.” We are the cutting edge and that is the exact reverse of ‘antiquated’ crap that’s drowning newsstands and bastardizing digital downloads. RANGER-CORE compared to other books is much like comparing the “HUNGER GAMES” to “THE BRADY BUNCH” To get tens of thousands of “LIKES” on FACEBOOK and to sell out every issue you print makes its own point. Now combine that with our site being shut down, and the industry not even willing to accept money to pay for ads and you have your answers.

 The COMIC READING community has a clear choice to make the future or to be condemned to antiquity. Corporate America has spoken–don’t read RANGER-CORE, take the garbage we are shoving down your throat. Call us slow all you want while tying our legs and forbidding us to participate in the race.

They are scared.

That’s obvious.

And yes they can win–but ONLY by cheating–they’d get crushed in a stand up fight.

If you are satisfied with your comics created by the 64 Pack Of Crayola Crayons, paint by numbers, and the latest episode stolen from “DAYS OF OUR LIVES” that’s your choice. But to symbolically burn our books and to call us losers is total BS. If you are satisfied by the comics of today–I will put on the QUAKER INSTANT OAT MEAL and grab you the MINT Flavored POLIDENT to secure your dentures with. We are probably a ride you can’t handle anyway. We do not know how to write about nothing or manufactured soap opera like the rest of the industry. But it is clear You have plenty of crap to chose from. I will even buy the CHARMIN so you can wipe your hands when you are done reading that sh&^%.

 Over 1 million domestic slaves are sold to Saudi Arabia every year (Democracy Now 7-28-15 Horace Campbell.) and if our resistance to it offends you eat manure. You do not like the environment? You do not want to work to end human trafficking? That’s your choice–to ban us is not the America way–or is it? Ask Donald Trump. You want to read bullshit you are entitled but I am never going to tell you–you are anything but an idiot follower. The title of our company is a sardonic one– -CONFORM, FOLLOW, OBEY- -puppets- -we are Only seeking those with the intestinal fortitude to cut the strings or at the every least acknowledge that there are strings. If you support corporations silencing us–you are entitled–I wouldn’t fight us toe to toe either. You say you are not afraid of us but you won’t let us fight for the championship. Whose the chicken?

The MATRIX was SCI FI designed to call everyone a dimwit, brain washed puppet. THE COMFORT OF THE LIE IS ALWAYS EASIER THEN THE BITTER PILL OF TRUTH. When they said the ‘truth hurts’ they meant, literally.–it is exceedingly painful to admit you are wrong about a long held belief. Copernicus faced death, Galileo was under house arrest for 17 years. They were leaders they did not, could not be followers. Reality is 98% are not prepared for our books. If you are truly an innovator first you MUST be punished. The candle sticks makers hated light bulbs.

Most entertainment grabs the low hanging fruit by appealing to the lowest common denominator. We write about the truth–we write about what’s real. Who said “You can’t handle the truth. Hit the bullseye.

You want your ego stroked read the rest of the trash that’s out there–want a kick in the balls–grab a copy of RANGER CORE–IF they let you.

 WE ARE NOT IN A POPULARLY CONTEST, we are for the few, the proud the black sheep. But BOO HOO we still make the entertainment industry cry. Here’s some KLEENEX and a teddy bear.

“PAWN” The latest installment of the RANGER-CORE miniseries due out July 17-2016 pre-orders are sold out.

 Sebastian Xoss (Cross)

Aeylias Lopez