Gaia fight for our world but who will fight for Gaia?
Gaia fight for our world but who will fight for Gaia?

With our mutli-pronged strategy of using wind, solar, recycled product and soy inks we are leading the way in utilization of all known sustainable technology.

We are reducing carbon emission, saving tress–and getting toxic chemical out of the air, water and landfill by using the state of the art soy based ink technologies–

Our business is about talking but we make sure our talk is not cheap.

Bottom line: we are in the leaders in the field no one is doing what we are doing.



Simply IT STANDS FOR THE INNOVATION OF “still motion graphics” while there are three technological components hat go into “SMG” and we invented none of them we have developed a way to combine all three technologies into the seamless application of SMG–

We believe it give an amazing still motion technology that is way beyond the motion blur–look it as motion blur with a heck of a lot more horse power making our action look that more intense & dynamic.

The overlooked dimension in sensory stimulus

So you have your five sense; but did you know none are more powerful then you sense of smell & touch and memories are keenly locked into a sense of smell?

Several university studies find the most powerful sense memory you have is smell just think of grandmas cookies of cinabuns and you’ll get the picture yeah picture–we have developed a combination of patent pending ‘texturelogy’ and scent (scentsory) to enhance your viewing experience and literally make it a more memorable one.

With the 2 combined proprietary technologies we are opening up the 4th dimension to our audience–again making us the leader in our field in a most unexpected way.

Sorry people you aint going to get that in your IPAD or your surface.


We print & manufacture in the US while according to some authorities as much as 78% of other publishing companies don’t do either.

Just like Hollywood the send most of the jobs over seas–stealing money from our neighbors.

SO we have instituted another “technology” it’s the good neighbor policy” to help keep our family & friends employed here–in the good old USA.

Loyalty has to mean something and words without actions means what?

They talk heroic & heroism but don’t seem to do thinks that really matter or effect peoples lives on a day to day basis.

We have dedicated to giving to our world and worthwhile charities at LEAST 10% of earnings.

We are especially fond of muscular dystrophy,
Ending human trafficking and feeding the children.

Yeah but it doesn’t stop there.


Women are generally portrayed horribly in media as sex object which only serves to further the cause of domestic violence human trafficking & sexism.

We didn’t say cause but we did say further–besides if
Selling a message doesn’t work then advertisers are wasting billions of dollars on advertising–so lest tell the truth advertising may not 100% of the story though neither is it zero.

So we will pick up the mantel and lead the charge.

Our women wear clothes we have minorities that are not just a name sake we delved into the issues of racism and sexism if its just a darker hero or boobs perhaps the impact on social change is minimal you have to TAKE On the subject matter that they represents & suggest.

Some of you have expressed offense at our point of view–if it offends you feel free to show your disapproval by not buying our book.