Let’s be honest men run the world and the world sucks.

Most women who come into a power positions are so desperate to try to prove that they have a penis that they become ‘proxy men.’ They want to prove they could be just like all the other DICKS that occupy the board room.

Wrong ladies, do not surrender you vagina.

You have the power and the ability to save the world from men who are so vastly insecure that they have to grunt and growl and insists upon acting like the village idiot to end all village idiots. Men are inherently cowards they are more interested in impressing other men then they are in impressing or attracting women.

One might even accuse them all of being latent homosexuals. I think the queenie doth protest too much. No, I am totally for gay rights and have stopped some from being bullied and attacked, This is an an observation and if there is criticism it is for STRAIGHT men not gay ones. To want to be in the boy’s club does that sound straight to you?–or that girl have cooties?

How about girls can’t be on my team? Is this the sound that a full bloodied straight boy? I have always been happy when the other boys wouldn’t take the girls on their team (which also meant that we won most of the time-I love boys they are so stupid) I adore girls and was grateful that these other boys wanted to be inundated with more penis;

I appreciate all the latent homosexual inclinations. Though I must admit the people that. out and out admit it, accept it, and own the fact that they are gay-always became my best friends..

There is something about self hatred that makes for a terrible relationship ask any victim of domestic


Oh yeah these are the same stupid men who do not believe in global warming.

Their judgment can not be trusted.

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Eternity strikes back
Eternity strikes back