Los Angeles, CA, August 3, 2013: Based on the new science developed by inspired by GMO gurus and HUMAN GENOME cloners we can now make war more realistic then ever-not only can you kill real virtual humans you can cause the virtual humans in video games real pain. Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey a little known scientist that helped to develop the “KPET Technology” has been kept under raps for nearly a decade has spear headed the movement to make things more ‘real then real.’ Try to do a Goggle search of him and you will find little if anything. When asked for a more detailed explanation of the technology he would only provide a cursory explanation. “The “KPET Technology” is a scientific procedure that allows us to inject parts of the human genome and cells typically used for cloning and genetic modification and thru a closely guarded process inserted it inside of digital characters–it’s much like, adding inside the 1’s and 0’s in the computer code, and inserting human tissues and sequencing between each. In essence we have created real human inside of video games. AT a certain molecularly and atomic point human and let’s say other types of cells or atoms or parts of atoms are virtually indistinguishable-the key is to go small enough then create a bride or slice between the type of fission bridge.”

Measures have been taken to protect this proprietary information as Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey is on the cutting edge of the cutting edge. “Its our chance to seen real human reactions without having to harm or kill humans in traditional ways. It’s a break thru in learning how far a human can be pushed in a war or torture scenarios without having to violate anyone’s human rights.”

It is an incredibly opportunity to make all video games more realistic than ever before and heighten the game playing experience for all platforms. There is this tremendous opportunity to see what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder does in soldiers as now when you play war games we can actually cause it. That character in that video game who is exposed to real harm will now always carry those experiences with him through the entire life of the game play. He will bring it in his reaction to your reaction to him. It’s the greatest human experiment ever done. We can now expand the game play especially in war games that will cause the soldier to go home and beat his children and to divorce his wife and then return for another tour of duty. “This not only impacts and heightens the game play experience for gamers but gives us an opportunity to see how it impacts the performance of our soldiers in these virtual settings. As the people in our games now really will be hurt, they now really will suffer, they can feel real pain. Additionally, they can get permanent wounds and scars and each time you play you build those experiences into them. Your game play will clearly be different with a seasoned warrior then the 1st time you play the game and we are delighted by that. This also moves robotics a quantum leap forward,” Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey Adds excitedly. “Its done by creating an ingram.”

Of course there’s no reset button once you create your players inside the game, just like once you create a human being, you can’t simply delete or rest the game[ play with him, but you are instead free to make as many soldiers as you like. Once that character you created has that experience you can not remove it form his individual’s virtual memory. Instead each one will have a fresh and original experience. We have developed real torture scenarios where you can see what actual pain and physical damage does to a human–what does water boarding, in fact, do? We no longer have to guess. And we no longer have to risk human rights organizations or the ACLU getting involved. We absolutely know just how much torture a human can take and what a life time of those experiences means.

We have already contacted game developers as well as every game playing platform with the condition that we do not identify them. It’s our opinion that every one–industry wide, is excited to license this technology. We are also very confident that the takers will be 100% . We are proud to have “KPET Technology” revolutionize the industry and are excited to be bring a total revalidation to the art of game play.

When asked whether he thinks people will be resistant to causing pain and inflicting harm to an organism that can be hurt? Dr. Hurisamo Yanrey responded strongly–“–you think some snot nose, brain dead gamer, that is having a better game playing experience is going to care WHY it’s a better, more enjoyable game to play? DO people care how much torture or a horrible life a cow has before it becomes steak–? As long as it taste good right? All the studies show the answer is a conclusive –no.”

Conform Comics, Rangercore