Boyle Heights, CA, October 27, 2014: Want to play war games? Well, have some guts and do it for real. No game ever created would ever dare go into the innocent killings of civilians or women and children and attempt to reveal their real pain and suffering; 3rd degree burns, scars, amputation. Further, we take you into the MASH unit where YOU have to do real surgery and the hard choice of amputations. Want war? We will give it to you. The ugly, the uglier and the ugliest.

You do not just do the shooting, you have to go in there and pick up the pieces and console the family that you accidentally murdered, take responsibility for the bad drone strikes you have taken. Make the wrong decision and you have just bred new terrorists and a brand new insurgence. Make the wrong choice and you can inflict 1 full blown world war.

It is a wildly ambitious game; you will have to make life and death decisions not only in the battlefield but in the operating room as well. It’s going to make all other war games look like a cub scout playground.

WANT WAR? You’re going to get it. Want blood?–you’re going to get a bowl full. Expect the release Christmas 2017. “We are tired of the glorification and sanitization of war–it’s bloody, dirty, messy and terrible at best,” states Aeylias Lopez, the author and creator of Universe Comics and Universe Games.

He is also the writer creator of the sold out mini-series “RANGER-CORE.” “It asks a simple question; is war really fun? Should it really be made a game and should games be allowed to lie? Worse, there is not one war game that tells the truth–well, “Collateral” is going to change history and everyone is going to be left behind in the dust.”

While the game will not depict rape it will leave you in the aftermath of it–and you can blame Angelina Jolie for that. As a general idea, she said rape should be “-treated as a war crime and it is largely ignored”. We will not ignore it–it’s a tight rope we are willing to walk due to it’s massive importance.

Get ready for your eyes to be ripped out–and don’t expect an apology. We are preparing a media kit for anyone that wants to cry about it–and yes, a box of Kleenex with our logo on it is included.


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