civilization is enslaved, the sheep stand by and release a chorus of bahhs–not in a galaxy far,’ far away–not in the future, but right Now, on your planet Earth–the State Dept has said “– their are more slaves now then any another time in human history–”

And make no mistake about it they are slaves by force–

Lincoln’s move to emancipation has failed–

In typical government brilliance–the military kidnapped and renditioned the wife of an already powerful Metagen to force him into the Large Haladron Collider—The Big Bang Machine–we wanted to recreate the beginning of everything-and perhaps have now doomed eternity–by unleashing a weapon code named only as “DARKNESS”

In an attempt to seal our fate the supreme court has ruled that corporations now own all human DNA-another step to enslave mankind–if not that, then what is it?

With these decisions The Cosmic Magistrate has judged Earth guilty of crimes against civilization and ordered our subtraction from the Galaxy–

In an eleventh-hour effort The Protectors have dispatched the Ranger-Core to save our repellent little world–
setting up a time altering collision in the history of everything that there is–THE END OF ALL ETERNITY–complete and utter nihilism—For all the sheep that will never get it go eat a trans fat laddered, non-fair trade, corn syrup filled doughnut and say a big fat conformist BAH H–your master beckons you–get back to your troth–

As Lincoln Said the best kind of slave is one that does not know it–there you go– good little boy–they are not chains they are shiny gold bracelets–so pretty–