Most people don’t know what to do but we are giving you a way to do something. You don’t just get to read about superheroes you get to be one.

This is not normal people doing exceptional things–this is exceptional; people doing exceptional things

Hosting the most critical and substantive things from

We make no claim that we are endorsed by Amnesty International or We simply will highlight support and participate in mission of civil justice and those goals we find humanitarian in nature.

We are putting our ,mouth out there and our money with it Even though we have sold out every issue, we have manufactured we have only profited by taking, what amounts to minimum wage.

Its is our mission to take on the subject matter that others fear and simply the social issues of our time.

We do everything possible to create sustainable products and are constantly tightening our manufacturing practices–Have we reached the pinnacle?-Are we doing as much as we can?–In a word—no. We have along way to go.

But we move forward–and are on a mission to constantly reinvent ourselves and move forward–we will NOT sell out–and any humanitarian causes that we can contribute to we will–and subject matter that needs the light of justice shined on it– we will take on—let the others run and worry incessantly about ROI and stock market gains.

But it is YOUR job to calls these subjects to our attention –YOU MUST BE THE LIGHT OF JUSTICE–you must call these wrongs to our attention–and we will take it on and bring to as much attention as we can–

Do YOUR job and we will HAPPILY do ours!

Lets us move humanity forward!

We are the few, the proud turning the world of publishing & media on its head.