Boyle Heights, CA, October 19, 2014:—You don’t like that we use minorities, & natives in our books?–Don’t read it–if you want to see half dressed women great, go away. We are not here to entertain misogynist or racists. Women are still being paid less then men for the same job and the implied truth is women are worth less. For us the rights of woman & minorities are of grave concern since it is prolific in our society.

In no official capacity are girls allowed to play with boys in organized sports. This is ‘Janecrow’ at its worst and it is as effective as it is damaging. We PRETEND it is a performance based system but where is the merit when you are AUTOMATICALLY excluding girls from playing with boys without even a try out?

What is the subconscious message when you segregate sports between the sexes? There is an historical context to all of this.

If women are forbidden from taking a swing of the bat or shoot hoops or even work with you–how the heck are you going to trust them to vote? One action reinforces the other and exclusion IS the goal. From an early age it is inbreed in us. “WAUGH I don’t want to play with girls they got cooties!” It’s men

that are the big babies here-” Jackie Robinson and the ‘mongrel race’ singled the “end of baseball as we know it.“ What’s the problem now? Are we sweating the next great threat the ‘vaginal race‘? Screw this hidden racism that we hang onto with fragile egos. Money is not the root of all evil; insecurity is.

For women’s rights to move forward, we need a Jane Robinson. I am openly calling for her to step forward and break this silent despair. As ‘Americans‘, we are still criminal intruders. To add insult to injury we piss on natives by using THEIR “N” word to name OUR sports teams. Are sports so deeply rooted in our
psyche that they serve as a dark reflection of who we REALLY are? IS Donald Sterling an anomaly or is he the reality? Natives have no reflection as they are invisible & hidden people cast no shadows. We draw a distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ immigrants yet who are these laws made by? Illegal immigrants–no, worse. war mongers as the ‘illegal immigrants’ of today did not come here by force of violence —our descendants–engaged in whole sale slaughter.

Yeah you came here ‘legally’ with your ancestors knees deep in native blood or perhaps you got someone else’s ancestors to do the dirty work for you.

We say there are no rights for kids that are born here from ‘immigrants‘–yet, we are ALL born here from something worse. Sorry, has the statue of limitations run out on this moral query? Is it no longer murder because too much time has passed? Many comedians like to ask: “Is it too soon?” I like to ask: “Is it too late?” Remember if a person’s longevity were not a factor there is NO STATUE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER. Therefore it continues to this day to be a CRIME. We struggle in a country that hypes freedom yet the Supreme Court strips our voting rights and virtually dismantles affirmative action.

All critical in protecting the rights of minorities–we have taken a 50 year step backwards & we have revealed a far more sinister yet connected fact: The State Department’s says that “there are more slaves now then at any another time in human history.” Surprise! Human bondage NEVER ended, not in this country, not anywhere. What Civil War? Any good that has been done by Lincoln has been, to all intents and purposes, erased from the history books. It’s a scratch of the surface, a smaller David taking on a million Goliaths–and we laughing all the way. Yeah sorry we recycle,use sustainable energy, use non-toxic soy inks & manufacture here in the USA.

Look for BLIND OBEDIENCE on our website. Sorry our pre-orders are already sold out. We will be audaciously taking on issues that everyone else fears.

Contact: Sebastian X