YOU ARE NOT FOR SALE—and you are proud to read the number 1001 comic in the world—you will keep defending natives, minorities, women and the environment.


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Being censored by the corporate media is the greatest complement a non-conformist, socially conscience company like ours could ever get. It is recognition what we are doing is for real & not a publicity stunt. TO BE defined as ‘AHEAD OF ITS TIME’ IS BY its very definition NOT mainstream. When Ford was asked what did his customers want he answered “Faster horses.” We are the cutting edge and that is the exact reverse of ‘antiquated’ crap that’s drowning newsstands and bastardizing digital downloads. RANGER-CORE compared to other books is much like comparing the “HUNGER GAMES” to “THE BRADY BUNCH” To get tens of thousands of “LIKES” on FACEBOOK and to sell out every issue you print makes its own point. Now combine that with our site being shut down, and the industry not even willing to accept money to pay for ads and you have your answers.

 The COMIC READING community has a clear choice to make the future or to be condemned to antiquity. Corporate America has spoken–don’t read RANGER-CORE, take the garbage we are shoving down your throat. Call us slow all you want while tying our legs and forbidding us to participate in the race.

They are scared.

That’s obvious.

And yes they can win–but ONLY by cheating–they’d get crushed in a stand up fight.

If you are satisfied with your comics created by the 64 Pack Of Crayola Crayons, paint by numbers, and the latest episode stolen from “DAYS OF OUR LIVES” that’s your choice. But to symbolically burn our books and to call us losers is total BS. If you are satisfied by the comics of today–I will put on the QUAKER INSTANT OAT MEAL and grab you the MINT Flavored POLIDENT to secure your dentures with. We are probably a ride you can’t handle anyway. We do not know how to write about nothing or manufactured soap opera like the rest of the industry. But it is clear You have plenty of crap to chose from. I will even buy the CHARMIN so you can wipe your hands when you are done reading that sh&^%.

 Over 1 million domestic slaves are sold to Saudi Arabia every year (Democracy Now 7-28-15 Horace Campbell.) and if our resistance to it offends you eat manure. You do not like the environment? You do not want to work to end human trafficking? That’s your choice–to ban us is not the America way–or is it? Ask Donald Trump. You want to read bullshit you are entitled but I am never going to tell you–you are anything but an idiot follower. The title of our company is a sardonic one– -CONFORM, FOLLOW, OBEY- -puppets- -we are Only seeking those with the intestinal fortitude to cut the strings or at the every least acknowledge that there are strings. If you support corporations silencing us–you are entitled–I wouldn’t fight us toe to toe either. You say you are not afraid of us but you won’t let us fight for the championship. Whose the chicken?

The MATRIX was SCI FI designed to call everyone a dimwit, brain washed puppet. THE COMFORT OF THE LIE IS ALWAYS EASIER THEN THE BITTER PILL OF TRUTH. When they said the ‘truth hurts’ they meant, literally.–it is exceedingly painful to admit you are wrong about a long held belief. Copernicus faced death, Galileo was under house arrest for 17 years. They were leaders they did not, could not be followers. Reality is 98% are not prepared for our books. If you are truly an innovator first you MUST be punished. The candle sticks makers hated light bulbs.

Most entertainment grabs the low hanging fruit by appealing to the lowest common denominator. We write about the truth–we write about what’s real. Who said “You can’t handle the truth. Hit the bullseye.

You want your ego stroked read the rest of the trash that’s out there–want a kick in the balls–grab a copy of RANGER CORE–IF they let you.

 WE ARE NOT IN A POPULARLY CONTEST, we are for the few, the proud the black sheep. But BOO HOO we still make the entertainment industry cry. Here’s some KLEENEX and a teddy bear.

“PAWN” The latest installment of the RANGER-CORE miniseries due out July 17-2016 pre-orders are sold out.

 Sebastian Xoss (Cross)

Aeylias Lopez


Millions of Americans Have Nothing to Celebrate on the Fourth of July

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Millions of Americans Have Nothing to Celebrate on the Fourth of July.

On Independence Day, the stirring words of Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, promising “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” set the tone. Buried a bit further down, however, is another passage that is somewhat less well-known:

“…the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

That line, and America’s subsequent history with Native Americans, goes a long way toward explaining why the holiday largely does not resonate with the United States’ roughly 5.2 million indigenous peoples.

“Any holiday that would refer to my people in such a repugnant, racist manner is certainly not worth celebrating,” Simon Moya-Smith, a culture editor at Indian Country Today told Mic. “[July Fourth] is a day we celebrate our resiliency, our culture, our languages, our children and…

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Orange County, Ca: SOCIAL WORKER Gets PROMOTION after Court finds THEM LIARS!

Amiablyme - Knowledge Is Power

An 11 Year O.C. Custody Fight Stops Just Short of the U.S. Supreme Court
A long, bitter custody fight won’t go to the Supreme Court, but it’s not over yet anyway. Mom says her kids were wrongly taken away for years, and a jury agreed. But the Social Workers were never disciplined.

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kicking ass since 2012
comic book with balls

 If you want to read crap, go ahead. We hate the mass irresponsibility of all forms of the media –like somehow we are not a part of them and they are not a part of us.  It is a cop out to say “this is business.”


 When does such an expression entitle you to have no morality? The expression has been bastardized and we are reclaiming it.


 We spit on misogyny. We crap on racism. We  will take on the global warming deniers and call them what they are–liars–there is global warming and they know it. They deny it to keep their agenda for self-hatred and the hatred and distrust of mother nature.

 Anyone who knowingly lies about global warming is not just an idiot– they are worse–they are frauds. Anyone that attacks mother nature is an extremist, a radical and worse– mad.

 Would you drill holes in your boat in the middle of the ocean? Yes, they are sick. They are nuts-they are twisted. They need medical attention and a very large lard filled donut.

 Our distributors do not like it? They can shove it. We will not change, we will not back down.

We will battle for animal rights and human rights- no apologies. We will walk our talk and be environmentally responsible.


 If it costs us money–oh well. Sex sells-yeah, we will take on human trafficking, too.

 Are you tired of people writing comic books about heroes and then acting cowardly by using toxic inks and shipping jobs overseas? Yeah, these freaks hate their neighbors, too.

You want to believe in someone that puts their money where their mouth is?


 Well, you found CONFORM COMICS & The Ranger Core –kicking ass & standing our ground since 2012.


Haven’t heard of us? Well now you have— welcome to the party-

 Cowards not allowed.



Conform Comic chooses integrity over sales-consumer back lash over fighting for women, Blacks

Conform Comic chooses integrity over sales-consumer back lash over fighting for minorities & women’s rights-publishers: “you have plenty of other stuff to buy–we are not backing down. go purchase something else. Rangercore does not need you..



These so called conservatives are not who they appear to be. They are the much spoken about wolves in sheep clothing and they are here to use your passions against you. THEY PEDDLE FEAR–WHILE PRETENDING TO BE BRAVE. When is being afraid of everything brave? They fear immigrants, welfare, education, voting–gee, what are you brave conservatives NOT afraid of? Cowards if you ask me.


They are the party of the chicken hearted. They hide behind euphemisms like ‘American values’ (which is code for let’s not innovate.) They are the party of the past and I am sad to report that the Democratic Party is closing in.


Have you been taken in?


Perhaps, conservatives are not all liars but it’s so close as to render the difference irrelevant. It is certainly, well above a majority, that have a hidden agenda that I believe is easily exposed. To understand a rapist, you must learn to think like one— if you do not, you will never be able to protect yourself and your family against them.


Is rapist too strong a word?




People really do get raped, abused and injured and die due to their behavior–due to their lies.


We have to move away from their feel good, new age resolutions and look at effectiveness. Stop trusting the guy at the end of the bar because he is telling you all the things that you want to hear.


Much like him, he just wants to ‘f’ you.


Let’s take abortion –it’s simple, a certain amount of poverty SERVES the manipulator’s purposes. Why do you want to change what’s working for you? To them, the poor and disenfranchised are meat bags to be used and taken advantage of for their OWN needs.


That you happen get a perceived ancillary benefit should make you call your own character into question.


Do the ends justify the means–and what of the collateral damage?


They want treasure, they want oil and they want to sell their weapons of war. FAT, WELL FED PEOPLE ARE DIFFICULT TO CONTROL AND MANIPULATE.


Poverty is a VERY useful weapon—


We can have everyone living above the poverty level but then, no one is going to join a voluntary military. Why endanger your life and the security of your family when you have a college education and are making $200 dollars an hour with plenty of food and health benefits? Worse, you will have no one flipping your stupid butcher burgers either.


Equal wealth, proportional wealth, is a very bad thing for those in power. That’s why they love throwing around their slogan ‘redistribution of wealth’ -which is code for ‘we hate poor people.’ Oh I’m sorry peasants. They need YOU to believe that–even insurance is a ‘redistribution of wealth’ –we pay premiums so if one of us wrecks our car the community pool pays for it–that’s what taxes are (you know the stuff the elite wealthy do not want to pay their fair share of?)


Rather, EQUALITY of wealth is the REAL problem–can you imagine a room full of billionaires arguing amongst themselves who is going to clean the toilet or change the dirty diaper or pick the strawberries? To me, it is farcical —and if you believe they want to get their 24 karat gold hands dirty–please– you are nuts. There are people that KNOW the dark secret–that YOU are trash. You are NOT equal, but were born to toil and slave for their benefit. They talk about ‘new money’ and ‘old money’ –they operate in a world that you have little to no understanding of.


A world in which they think you are a piece of dung.


They have rich, white mans psychosis. (You think celebrates are spoiled, pampered, entitled brats–who they think they are mirroring?)


Resulting in, at BEST, that they are the party of the sub par, substandard organization. Determined to serve mediocrity- for America, FOR THE WORLD. By default their philosophy holds the world back and does NOT allow for scientific or moral advancement of the human race.


If you long for the good old days of slavery, legalized domestic violence, the right to whip your children- man oh man are they they party for you–The party of ‘no we can’t-move into the future.” Worse for them, for us, there is no future. The past is good enough for them.


They whine about everything and throw a temper tantrum when their rich spoiled friends do not get their way-the party of the weak, spoiled brats. For them, it is not problems to be solved or challenges to be met–it is that everything is to fear and there is a boogie man around EVERY, but I mean EVERY corner.


Scaredy cats.






Would you guys like to outlaw writers being able to say “BOO!” In caps on random blogs?


I bet you do. After all, they are built on the suppression of others. It is the natural (growth?) and extension of indentured servitude and slavery–I could care less that it is Slavery 2.0 or you are using some other petty or pretty euphemism. No racists every admits they are one (not the smart ones anyway-hate them all you want, like a spoiled little 2 year old they know how to get what they want).


To have real power, to have real control— this system DEMANDS uneducated, poor, crime ridden neighborhoods that people want to escape from and the military is a good alternative in the face of such blight.


Poverty is NECESSARY to their success. They make a good pool to draw from and a great villain to blame things on. See poor people serve a dual purpose- come on class keep up now.


The powers that be have ZERO incentive to fix these problems and every motive to have us at each others’ throats. They do not USE the STATUS QUO to their advantage–THEY ARE THE STATUS QUO.


And YOU are in THEIR way. They are the anointed ones–we are on THEIR planet and we need to get off.


We threaten their survival.


They want to peddle their feel good, new age solutions, that sound strong but are fraught with weakness and indecencies. These manipulators like to pretend they care about the military (it’s part of the strategy) but they do not–every chance they get, as under ‘Resident Bush’ they rolled back their salaries by over 30 %. This recent spending bill, just passed, denies military families millions in dollars worth in food benefits-yeah, but they love them right? Love is not words, it is action. Even Winnie the Pooh knew that. “Love is not something you spell–love is soothing you FEEL” . That’s the trick folks they have no empathy for anyone BUT themselves.


Wow, You won’t even GIVE our soldiers food. WOW.


But all they have to do is make a speech you like and you are on board, right? Conservatives spread their legs faster than any girl at any bar. If anyone in our culture is easy, it is them. They are so frightened, they so lack courage that everything frightens them. Like the cows they so love to abuse they are easily herded and manipulated. Just throw up a picture of John Wayne and the Flag and they are good to go. I wonder how they get through Halloween? Is it a scary holiday for them or is it closer to a family reunion? you know WITH all of those ghouls goblins and blood sucking vampires? Yeah guess they are just family. To me they are the subhumans. They are the soulless ones.


 What ever happened to critical thinking? Oh yeah, they want to get that science stuff, music stuff and art crap out of school. They support the destruction of critical thinking. They are the original book burners.


To sleep with the devil is to become him.


That’s exactly why they are glad that all of these military charities exists, it is not to help the military but a way to get them off their backs and to pass on the responsibility to someone else–again this is NOT love and this is NOT a slight against the organizations that ACCEPT responsibility while their own government turns their backs on our people. They are being manipulated–but, to be fair, what’s their choice? Perhaps change the laws?


We are Disgusting.


I know- back to-abortion- -just laying the fundamentals as nothing exists in the vacuum ——so these dirt bags have a pool to dip from— you need the right environment- -cut back education, make it too expensive to afford college (create massive debt and thereby massive INDENTURED SERVITUDE,make everything really hard to afford), break apart families, do not do much of anything to fight real crime–simply create an environment that people want to escape from and then offer these desperate people the key to ‘unlock’ their jail cell.


Damn, they are clever. These master manipulators have their own mothers telling them to join the service just to get out of these horrible neighborhoods with no hope.


Genius… evil genius.


 Am I against the military? –no. I am for them–I am against the manipulation the lies and tricks and the scams–I want them to get good food, lots of medical benefits, to be in a great college and WE should provide them with good homes. You risk your life for this country– guess what? A house is the LEAST we can give you. I would dare say I am total pro military –I am anti using people irresponsibly and unethically. So to be clear–I love you folks–even If I am doing a poor job– I am TRYING to fight for you. Though also I caution you do not be a mindless follower or drone.


It is little surprise that crime took a precipitous dip when Rod Vs- Wade gave birth to a new found freedom. (By the way, pro-life is historically a godless socialist principal. Theory the government owns you and you are here to serve. Period.) If you study it at all, most women that get abortions are single, teenage girls with poor education and are already drowning in poverty (some folks will not understand the word MOST–but try). They can’t afford another mouth to feed. Forcing them to have that kid in that very poor neighborhood with more of the same terrible education got her in this situation in the first place, This seems the ripe environment to raise another angry, desperate kid that is either going to rob you, end up in a gang, dead or in prison (or perhaps all of the above)-but of course-prison is not so bad for the conservative elite as they own stock in them. FOX NEWS (propaganda?) just cited a study that showed that children in single family households are much more inclined ( can we understand the term ‘much more inclined’ -or will that statement also be distorted?) to ’–participate in anti-social behavior.’




Exactly what they want–but not what YOU want, right? Army or prison? Son, chose your poison. Please do not give me the manipulative nonsense by claiming I am saying “all” or “every”. There is no “all” or “every”. If you do, you are a liar and a conservative manipulator. So go ahead and out yourself..


 I am not saying THEY care of course -but I am saying YOU, as a sincere conservative, should- You are being bamboozled with a feel good, new age idea that offers little to solve the problem (or worse, an old socialist communist one).


‘Get a job!’ the conservatives scream! And where have all the good jobs gone that you want these pregnant, teenage, poor, single mothers, without an education, prone to anti-social behavior, to get? And even if she is out flipping burgers for 3 bucks an hour (and maybe spitting in it –remember they are prone to being antisocial -better then that Dick Cheney vegetable, ketchup huh?), how is she raising her child? Aren’t these conservatives, family oriented? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. A tired, worn out, over worked child mom in a bad neighborhood that has little or no input in the raising of her baby. Yeah my bleeding heart can feel the love even now.


This is Pro-life–this is family values? Separating a child from her Mom? Really? I think NOT having the Mom at home insures an angry, frustrated child without proper guidance. Yeah all kids need two parents another feel good pile of unenforceable piece of garbage. It is can not be solve by legislation.


You want to give me an example of a woman that’s done it? That’s great. I am proud of her–but she is the exception and SHE gets all the credit.


So do not try to steal it from her. Especially, when you could care less about her–you manipulator.


If you like the 1% success rate of the feel good, new age, solution that sounds strong, but is a failure, you go for it. But when you are being mugged in the Nordstrom’s Parking lot and getting your Gold (slavery labor) Rolex watch ripped off of your wrist do not come crying to me. Call your conservative elite congressman. After all they are EXPERTS at crying and whining and being big babies about EVERYTHING— so you have gone to the right place. Make sure you bring plenty of Kleenex and talk about how you are an oppressed religious white rich men.


And of course you are against birth control too–YOU MUST GIVE US BABIES!!! Give us our meat bags! You think if you were against abortion you’d be for birth control –catching sperm in a condom does NOT destroy life–and if its does—all you conservatives STOP JERKING OFF YOU ARE KILLING TRILLIONS OF BABIES! AND CONSERVATIVE WOMEN GET OFF OF YOUR PERIOD YOU HOMICIDAL EGG MURDERERS!!!!!


I have formed a new group watch to join? End the murder of innocent children end masturbation and the mensuration cycle! End Tampons! Stop the inappropriate use of baby oil!


Talk about a stance that was not thought through. See they do NOT CARE ABOUT LIFE–they care about having human cattle and you are helping them supply it. Good intentions spat in your face.


Want to start an intelligent pro-life movement-where do i sign up- I AM PRO LIFE! I hate abortion. But I will not be used. How about you? Hate abortion hand out condoms like its jelly beans (sweetened with Stevia of course and not that legalized drug known as sugar)–not perfect–


 I’ll take dead sperm over dead children any day. What about you?


Look at how they used whining to their advantage despite Ross Perot warning “you are going to hear a giant sucking sound–” with the passing of such tragedies as NAFTA and other fraudulent agreements.


All trade agreements are scams.


So whenever you hear the word ‘trade agreement’ be sure hold on to your wallet. It didn’t fix illegal immigration as was alleged because no good jobs went to Mexico–good jobs LEFT America but that’s about it. SO FOR NORMAL FOLK IT WAS A TOTAL FAILURE. Mexicans did not earn any more money working at any of the corporations that moved there. And please spare me that Clinton helped get it passed. He called himself a Democrat but was another wolf in sheeps clothing–and you are right–he shares a huge responsibility here. But remember it’s not what you CALL yourself–its how you behave.


To me, he was part of the conservative elite–just look at how he sold himself out for ‘welfare reform’ –nothing but crap, feel good non-sense. It solved nothing but made poor people EVEN               poorer. There are MORE poverty-stricken children now in the USA at then any other time of recorded history–what more proof can sane, fair people want (there is not enough proof for lairs and the lying liars that spout their lies. Remember their defense is ALWAYS ‘but she was asking for it’ defense. OTHERWISE KNOWN AS BLAME THE VICTIM) Its the classical mistake that good people commit when they try to reason with people who do not seek the truth but simply to manipulate the situation. They are not the least bit interested in unraveling problems –but they are interested in controlling you and manipulating you and turning your passions and your beliefs against you.

They do not want you baseball bat so they can go play a few innings with you they want to break your arms and steal your wallet.


NAFTA is why Mexicans still come to America and those creeps KNEW it. And guess what? That ALSO serves the conservatives elite plan.




They knew it would have zero impact on immigration—and they also realized that whenever you drive a behavior underground, you create an underground economy (remember the great success of Prohibition?) The more you criminalize immigration, the more control you can laud over the influx of a poor, minority people. (just imagine that job interview–you want minimum wage–uh how about I call INS right now Paco?) The less you have to worry about pesky employment laws, fair wage, unions and the like–and better yet, no health insurance, no unemployment and you can pay them 3 dollars a day or less. Yeah they are ‘stealing jobs’– hahaha! You go pick strawberries for $21.00 bucks a week!


I don’t see immigrants standing outside of lawyers offices trying to pick up clients–how did you fall for that one? And while you are at it stop buying tomatoes -supermarkets do not want to pay a fair wage (a dollar more a day I believe) DO NOT EAT THEM–have some guts.


See, that’s the REAL goal.


They can care less about immigrants (or homosexuals as most Republicans are closet queens anyway.) See they wont protect their ‘own kind’. Shows you what little character they have-they only identify with one category and that’s the robber barons of the world. So even when they look black –ha ha they are not. They are not black, Hispanic, gay or women–they are the not the rich but the elite rich and there is a difference.) so again you have been taken. Your passion used to swat you in the face–tired of being used yet?


And remember these Agricultural employers also get the award for the highest rate of sexual assault, per capita, of any industry. It wouldn’t be because these poor desperate people that you have no pity for, being a good Christian and all, have no papers and fear the INS? Cheap labor and free rape, (that you stand little chance of being prosecuted for)—-now that’s awesome.


The more you criminalize immigration (which is a natural human behavior that has existed since since the dawn of man–that can not be regulated.)


Yeah another new age, feel good solution, that is doomed to failure. Go on worship at the alter of another false god.


Conservatives brave? Around every coroner there just another bogey man another thing to fear. Immigrants, minorities, women and the dreaded gays. I don’t know about you but as a straight man i love gays I urge and recommend that more people cross over and become gay–seeing as how it is ‘a life style choice’- I don’t know about you but conservatives claim they can chose to date a man or a women and be sexually attracted to them.


Wait did i just have a Scooby Doo moment–I sure wanted to say “OROHH.”


YOU conservatives can actually CHOOSE TO BE GAY?




This is a talent that I do not posses-even for someone as hot a s Brad Pitt –sorry Brad (you’re welcome Angelina) I am sure I ruined your day.


If this is your belief- I think you are weird bizarre or bisexual or in fact a latent homosexual.


Maybe it really jealousy they are getting a big–while you are stuck with a dirty filthy —uh girl???


 if you can adapt yourself to this life style choice–well then— to all of you resisting I say stop fighting it cross over to the other side and let a new man pop you in the shorts.


 it might just be the very thing you need to start being nice to other people—heck it might even enlighten you and change your world view -since the option is apparently available to you–I say cross over and join the others side.


Don’t worry i wont feel threatened as I always liked girls–more for me –thanks gays–I mean guys–oh crap or is that both? Wait the more gays–the more conservatives that can make this life style choice–the more ladies for me??


Wow–I like gays even more then I thought.


Go on free yourself-make the lifestyle choice that ONLY you can–(I am straight for me there is no choice). Men liking men does not threaten my marriage, or my world view, if anything it could be argued— it actually makes it SAFER–more gays less opportunity for my wife to cheat on me (though maybe more chances for me–so Brad would you reconsider? Ah sorry MS Jolie.)


Life style choice? For who you? Only conservatives it would seem. Not me–morons. This was your best argument. I always knew those conservatives were staring at my crotch.




Just tell them from now on “you believe what? Lair-shut up!”



Who wins the wars of the sexes?
Who wins the wars of the sexes?

Boyle Heights, CA, Aug 23, 2014:—You don’t like that we use minorities, & natives in our books?–Don’t read it–if you want to see half dressed women great, go away. We are not here to entertain misogynist or racists. Women are still being paid less than men for the same job and the implied truth is women are; worth less. For us the rights of woman & minorities are of grave concern since it is prolific in our society. In no wide scale basis–are girls allowed to play with boys in organized sports. This is ‘Janecrow’ at its most dastardly–it is as effective as it is damaging. We PRETEND it is a performance based system but where is the merit when you are AUTOMATICALLY excluding girls from playing with boys (or men with women) without even a try out? What is the subconscious message when you segregate sports between the sexes? Is this the new separate but equal?

If women are forbidden from taking a swing of the bat or vote –how the heck are you going to trust them to work with you? One action reinforces the other and exclusion IS absolutely the goal. From an early age it is inbreed in us. “WAUGH, I don’t want to play with girls they got cooties!” Jackie Robinson and the ‘mongrel race’ singled the “end of baseball as we know it.“ What’s the problem now? Are we concerned that the next great threat comes from the ‘vaginal race‘? Screw this hidden racism that we hang onto with fragile egos. Money is not the root of all evil; insecurity is. It is not greed that drives us to the brink of perpetual disasters, but this vile lack of self-confidence. My prediction is that ‘Jane Robinson’ will pose a far greater peril than Jackie ever did.

We say there are no rights for kids that are born here from ‘immigrants‘–yet, we are ALL born here from something worse. Is it no longer murder because too much time has passed? Many comedians ask: “Is it too soon?” I ask: “Is it too late?” There is NO STATUE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER. Therefore it continues, to this day, to be a CRIME. We struggle in a country that hypes freedom yet the Supreme Court strips our voting rights and virtually dismantles affirmative action. All critical in protecting the rights of minorities–we have taken a 50 year step backwards & we have revealed a far more sinister yet connected fact: The State Department’s imparts that “there are more slaves now than at any another time in human history.” Surprise! Human bondage NEVER ended, not in this country, not anywhere.

Just as ‘Americans‘, we must accept that we are still the criminal intruders. And as if to drive home the point—we disrespect natives by using THEIR “N” word to name white sports teams. Are games so deeply rooted in our psyche that they serve as a dark reflection of who we REALLY are? We draw a false distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘illegal’ immigrants yet who are these laws made by? Illegal immigrants?–No, war mongers those that came here by force of violence —all the while our descendants–engaged in whole sale slaughter. Your ancestors are knees deep in innocent native blood. We took their land from them for two reasons; 1) we believed they were less then us (we were # 1 and they were number 2-a sports designation is it not?) 2) we could–PERIOD. Therefore we are giving the voices back to those that are most vulnerable in our society. Primarily Natives–where are they in TV, films, or comics?–followed by other minorities and women–if you don’t like it–we don’t care you have plenty of other places that will take your money–we NEVER will knowingly do so. We will be audaciously taking on issues that everyone else fears. And if that offends you–so what? Sorry our pre-orders are already sold out. Look for the Earth shattering & game changing–BLIND OBEDIENCE on our website–if not pray to your Zombie master.

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